ko an transforms into grocery store

Triangle Restaurant ko•an Transformed into a Grocery Store to Better Serve the Community

As restaurants nationwide struggle to keep their businesses afloat during the Covid-19 outbreak, some are able to creatively pivot into markets. In Cary, North Carolina, ko•an has done just that. ko•an transformed into a grocery store and launched k•mart. Here are just 5 reasons why you should get your next grocery run from them.

1. Online ordering is convenient

Ordering groceries online is quite easy. ko•an’s prices are reasonable and they have a good selection of produce and meats. I loaded up on some mushrooms, spinach, and other veggies. (I’m trying to turn a new leaf during this quarantine time by eating more veggies!) The produce is neatly packaged, and you’ll feel so pampered when you unload your bags.

 ko•an Transforms to Grocery Store

2. Contactless curbside pickup feels even safer than going to the chain grocery stores.

Contactless pickup from ko•an was downright relaxing compared to going to the bigger grocery chains. No crowds. No machine or carts that were touched by the general public. The staff wore gloves and loaded my loot right into my car. I felt very safe with this option!

Please don’t forget to tip your curbside or delivery employee. They are on the frontlines so people like us can be safe and well-fed! Oh, and yes you read that right. They also have delivery (within 8 miles.)

3. You can get now get ko•an’s secret menu cookies at their grocery store!

 ko•an's amazing chocolate chip macadamia cookies

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I love the secret menu cookies from ko•an. Now you can get prepped cookie dough of these very cookies and have them fresh from your oven whenever you want! Each order comes with eight ready-to-bake cookies. Just bake at 350 for 12 minutes. They’ll disappear fast, so maybe buy two orders! Other specialty notables in their grocery inventory are Kewpie Mayonnaise, ko•an’s Thai red curry sauce, and, wait for it… toilet paper!

4. You can combine a takeout order with your grocery run!

ko•an is still offering a takeout service so you can still pick up hot meals. I’m obsessed with their cauliflower which is still available on their takeout menu. How convenient that you can pick up dinner and groceries all in one stop?

For a rolling list of other local restaurants still open in the Triangle with takeout, curbside, and delivery, read this post.

5. You’ll be supporting a beloved and struggling local restaurant when you shop at ko•an’s grocery store

Finally, you should consider ko•an to support a local restaurant during this trying time. If your heart breaks like mine does for the local restaurants, this is a wonderful way to show your support to some of our frontline essential workers. ko•an also has a GoFundMe page providing relief for their employees who are now underemployed or unemployed.

For other donation pages of more Triangle businesses, check out this list.

Please stay safe out there, friends. Wash your hands, be kind to each other, and let’s be of service to our service industry workers. If you will please excuse me now, I have some cookies to bake!

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