Daily Juice – How often do you see Durian on the menu?

Daily Juice
45th Street and Duval
Austin, TX

Daily Juice - Austin, Texas

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of commitments around the 45th and Duval area and I drive by the Daily Juice pretty often. I’ve heard a lot about it from fellow Austinites and I finally checked it out for a quick on the go meal. Upon walking it, I can see why it’s an Austin favorite. It is has a very Austin feel. My handful of readers are from Austin mostly but for those who don’t know, Austin has a very colorful, “weird” (our motto!), hippy, artistic, laid back feel. We’re pretty proud about that. The menu is very expansive. I was almost overwhelmed in making my selection until I stumbled upon “Girls on Film.” “Girls on Film” is a smoothie made up of durian, fresh coconut juice (everything is fresh and freshly squeezed here!), vanilla, raw cacao, and bananas. I was sold by the durian because I’ve NEVER seen durian on any menu.

Durian is an infamous Asian “smelly” fruit. Once you get over the smell, it’s actually quite tasty. I grew up on it. It has a cult following. People who like durian are impressed by other people who like durian. After I placed my order, I asked if the durian is fresh as it’s not easy to come by. The guy behind the counter crinkled his noise, “oh it’s fresh!” He was referring to the awful smell as well. Made me giggle.

Picture of a durian courtesy of Wikipedia.

Daily Juice - Austin, Texas
Daily Juice on the inside.

Daily Juice - Austin, Texas
I forgot to snap a picture, but Daily Juice also has a meditation room!

Daily Juice - Austin, Texas
My final verdict: The cacao kind of made it weird for me. Chocolatey durian? Yuck. Next time I’d ask for them to hold the cacao. You can see the specs of either durian or banana in the picture.

Some people might consider Daily Juice a bit pricey. This small shake was 7 dollars. I saw some 10 dollar shakes. I think you’re paying for the freshness and the selection. Well worth a try!

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