Pok Pok is a Must-Visit in Portland, Oregon

3226 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 232-1387

If I make it back to Portland, Oregon, there are places I must revisit: Salt and Straw, Powell’s Books, Nong’s food truck, and Pok Pok. I have a hard time revisiting places and things because my thirst to see it all and eat it all sometimes works against me. I can’t go back to a city because I’ve already been to that city. I understand the limitations this puts on my me and even my happiness. So I hope I find myself in Portland again and when I do, I’ll be feasting at Pok Pok again. It may be my favorite Thai food experience I’ve had. Says a lot because I’ve had the delicious Lotus of Siam in Vegas. If you go to Pok Pok, and I hope you do, order the fish sauce wings.

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  • Michelle Cheng

    Hell to the YEAH, fish sauce wings! We could not get enough of those!

  • Wendy

    OMG! The girl that I sit next to at work was just telling me how good this place is! I’ll have to put it on my to-eat list.

    • I’m so jealous this is something you can have whenever you want, Wendy!

  • Dat Thai tea was so gooooood.

    • the company might have also influenced the meal experience. :)

  • Amy Drohen

    I am definitely adding this to my must try in Portland list!