Namu in Durham

Newly-Opened Namu Serves Coffee with a Side of Korean Fare

Namu in Durham

Hello from North Carolina!

First, a life update. I recently moved from Texas to the Raleigh and Durham area of North Carolina. I’ve been getting to know the area and have already found a few gems. (For glimpses of my new adventure please follow me on Instagram!) For my Texas friends, I do plan on continuing to cover the Texas food scene when I visit. The first visit to Texas is already scheduled for October. I’ve appreciated the support my Texas friends have given me through the years of running this blog and hope you stick around for this next chapter!

Namu in Durham

Truth be told, this new chapter is already a challenging one. I’ve never lived outside of Houston or Austin and am missing my friends and family dearly. (Especially so over the weekend as I stalked them ferociously to make sure they’re safe from Hurricane Harvey.) If I could offer a tip to anyone trying to start over in a new city, and I’m talking about the kind of fresh start that requires not only making new friends but also landing new gigs or jobs, my one tip is to do all your work and job hunting from charming coffee shops. The coffee shop background noise makes life a little less lonely and it’s an easy way to explore your new area.

One of my recent coffee shop work sessions was at newly-opened Namu in Durham, North Carolina. Namu just opened in Durham only two weeks ago. The interior is beautiful. The wi-fi connection was fast and I was able to zone out for a morning work session. I stayed until I got hungry and had an excuse to order and try their food menu. I’ve been to hundreds of coffee shops, and Namu is the first one I’ve seen with a Korean food menu to go with their coffee.

I tried their bibimbap and loved how fresh the vegetables tasted. I opted for tofu instead of my usual pork and beef bibimbap. I’m personally trying to dabble in more vegetarian eating and the marinated tofu did not make me miss meat, a feat in itself!

Namu in Durham
All in all, Namu made a strong first impression on me and I can’t wait to return to try more of their menu!

If you’re following the Harvey horror and are interested in helping from afar, donating to the Houston Food Bank is a good start. You can also simply text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation to Red Cross or call 1- 800-RED CROSS.

Your turn! Leave a comment and tell me about a time you had to start over. How did you do it?

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  • cheerwineanddine

    Great write up on this new coffee shop. When I stopped by for breakfast they had just opened so they didn’t have anything outside of coffee. I loved the ambiance inside and enjoyed a great mocha while I did a bit of research. Prior to leaving the barista asked if I had been outside to check out the place. I told him no so he told me all about it and took me out there for a quick tour. It was an amazing and huge outdoor area, perfect for gathering with large group of friends. I am exited to go back and try their food, and like you I may do their bibimbap with tofu.

    • Thanks Arturo!

      A reader of mine who went to UNC said she wasn’t sure there was even good Korean food in the area. Glad we found a spot!

  • Crys Ledbetter

    Good to know Linda! As a newly 2 week resident of the Raleigh-Durham area as well I’m glad to know there are some decent food options, coming from Albany, NY where it was not so much the case. Loving your posts and will continue to follow along your new journey as well. I already have NanaTacos on my list. :) The transition over here for my little family has also been bittersweet. I suppose with any drastic change only time will help to iron out the new kinks. All the best and I’ll continue to follow along. :)

    Aka memorymakingmamanow on Instagram

    • Hi Crys,
      Welcome to the area from another newbie! I tried Nana Tacos yesterday. Coming from Austin and Houston, land of ALL the tacos, they didn’t quite compare but they had unique fillings! Wish the tortillas didn’t taste store bought. If you’re ever up for meeting a new friend for coffee, send me an email!

  • Meka

    Wow cool spot you found! Welcome to NC, your pics are really nice.

  • Leslie

    This looks like a wonderful discovery in Durham. Since I have lived here for 2+ years, I have enjoyed the food scene and hope you will too. I have moved twice in life.. from Baltimore to Miami in 1996, and Miami to Raleigh 2016. So I would count those as starting over moments but each time I was with my love . We just looked at it as a new adventure! I have always adapted well to mew environments I guess.

    • What are some of your favorite Durham eats?

      I am very thankful I’m with my love and would only leave Texas for him. (Others have tried to lure me !) Thank you for the positive POV!

  • This looks like such an amazing find! I can’t believe it’s right in Durham. I love the ambiance and well let’s be honest – you had me at coffee!

    • Are you from Durham too? Where should I eat next? :D

      • I’m in Fayetteville about an hour away but love taking a drive and finding great spots!

  • Linda! When I moved to Austin in early 2012, I knew like 3 people. I came down here from Seattle, for a job, and had never lived outside the west coast. I had to find my own place to live, roommates, new car, new favorite coffee, grocery stores, etc… it was really hard at times, and definitely was a bit lonely at first, but everything fell into place and now I feel like I’ve been here forever! I have no doubt you will fare wonderfully in NC. Whenever I come to visit, I wanna go eat Korean food at this cute coffeeshop. :)

    • I read this note again and the encouragement is still potent!

      I feel better with the physical disorientation and now my biggest source of anxiety is booking gigs and income. I’ll try to be patient and channel Emily. <3 Love and miss you.

  • I keep wanting to move and start over, but it’s so scary and there’s so much to do. I’m sure I’ll do it eventually, and hopefully between now and then I figure out how to make new friends. I feel like that’s the hardest part, especially now that I’m in my 30s.

    • Where would you start over?

      If I wasn’t so in love, I wouldn’t have left. Texas feels like my first and forever love.

      • Maybe the West Coast? Or maybe just a little further north, in D.C.

        • If you go to D.C., maybe we can grab a bite one day! It’s only a 3 hour drive for me. Haha

          • If you’re ever heading north, I’m in Richmond, Virginia, now and for the foreseeable future, and would love to grab a bite!

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