Namu in Durham

Namu Serves Coffee with a Side of Korean Fare in Durham, NC

Namu in Durham

Hello from North Carolina!

First, a life update. I recently moved from Texas to the Raleigh and Durham area of North Carolina. I’ve been getting to know the area and have already found a few gems. (For glimpses of my new adventure please follow me on Instagram!) For my Texas friends, I do plan on continuing to cover the Texas food scene when I visit. The first visit to Texas is already scheduled for October. I’ve appreciated the support my Texas friends have given me through the years of running this blog and hope you stick around for this next chapter!

Namu in Durham

Truth be told, this new chapter is already a challenging one. I’ve never lived outside of Houston or Austin and am missing my friends and family dearly. (Especially so over the weekend as I stalked them ferociously to make sure they’re safe from Hurricane Harvey.) If I could offer a tip to anyone trying to start over in a new city, and I’m talking about the kind of fresh start that requires not only making new friends but also landing new gigs or jobs, my one tip is to do all your work and job hunting from charming coffee shops. The coffee shop background noise makes life a little less lonely and it’s an easy way to explore your new area.

One of my recent coffee shop work sessions was at newly-opened Namu in Durham, North Carolina. Namu just opened in Durham only two weeks ago. The interior is beautiful. The wi-fi connection was fast and I was able to zone out for a morning work session. I stayed until I got hungry and had an excuse to order and try their food menu. I’ve been to hundreds of coffee shops, and Namu is the first one I’ve seen with a Korean food menu to go with their coffee.

I tried their bibimbap and loved how fresh the vegetables tasted. I opted for tofu instead of my usual pork and beef bibimbap. I’m personally trying to dabble in more vegetarian eating and the marinated tofu did not make me miss meat, a feat in itself! Their kimchi fries are also amazing!

All in all, Namu made a strong first impression on me and I can’t wait to return to try more of their menu!

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Your turn! Leave a comment and tell me about a time you had to start over. How did you do it?

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