Hot Chocolate on a Stick

I barely get to see my best friend throughout the year since she lives in Boston. Luckily, she still travels to Houston for Christmas. I often crash her family’s events during the holidays. I love her family. It’s big and loud and crazy. Such a world of a difference between her family and my small and quiet family. This past Christmas, I was quite touched when her aunt not only gifted me the perfect gift but also went through such troubles to get it! She knows I have a penchant for hot chocolate and Oprah. This hot chocolate on a stick was publicized by Oprah. The vendor website sold out of their hot chocolate on a stick within three hours of updating their inventory to their website during the holiday rush. So for three weeks, my best friend’s sweet aunt sat at her computer in the morning and refreshed the website repeatedly until getting lucky one day!

I finally remembered to try the hot chocolate this week and it was such a treat! It was decadently rich and the act of swirling a cube of chocolate into a hot mug of milk is pleasure at its simplest. Youthful anticipation. Swirl and swirl, and pull out your stick to see how whittled down the chocolate cube is. Sneak in a lick of the melting chocolate when no one is looking. When it’s finally all gone and melted, hug the mug with both hands, sip, and savor. I have a couple more sticks; I’m going to try to share with the boyfriend.

Get yours here! Hopefully, it wouldn’t be such a hard thing to buy now that Christmas is over.

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