Fire Salmon at Soto

11066 Pecan Park Blvd
Ste 402
Cedar Park, TX 78613
(512) 257-0788

What’s refreshing about dining with fellow food bloggers is that we all take photos of our food and there’s a mutual disregard for dining decorum. Actually, it’s a point of connection as we all try to accommodate each other’s shots. “I’m sorry, am I casting a shadow on your shot?” is a question that is often asked to dinner company when dining with food bloggers. My loved ones who aren’t food bloggers understand that I love snapping photos of my food and they patiently wait and I in turn try to grab that shot as fast as I can. Most of the time I don’t even blog the food photos! (You can always find them on my Instagram.)

I restrain myself when I’m dining with new friends who aren’t keen to what it’s like to eat with food bloggers. I keep my phone in my purse and don’t even pack the DSLR. I admire the beauty of the plating and at most I might discretely and forlornly sigh at a lost opportunity. I was at such a dinner at Soto a few nights ago. Soto’s signature off the menu dish is the Fire Salmon and I breached my conduct code. I apologized to my dinner companion and said, “I’m really sorry. This is too gorgeous not to take a quick phone photo.”

Fire Salmon

Salmon sprinkled with edible flower petals, draped on lemon grass, and seared over 151 and coffee beans. I had to steal a photo.