10 Reasons Why You Should Stay at the UNICO Resort in the Riviera Maya

As summer kicks off, I’m reminded that I never blogged about my luxury stay at UNICO an all-inclusive resort located in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It’s about an hour from Cancun and just a hop from Tulum. There is so much to do around this area that sadly I didn’t get to partake in, as I was only there for a very short stay. This blog post is solely about UNICO Resort in the Riviera Maya, You should definitely make time leave the resort for excursions, and the resort can help with that!

Here are just 10 of many reasons to book your stay at UNICO in the Riviera Maya.

Full Disclosure: I was invited as a guest of Austin Food Magazine and In Style Wedding Destinations. Photos are taken by me but if I’m in the photo, it was taken by Hayden Walker, editor of Austin Food Magazine.

1. Take some time to relax in and around beautiful pools on their property.

10 Reasons Why You Should stay at the UNICO Resort in the Riviera Maya

The pools on this large resort property are sublimely designed. The entire UNICO resort experience feels like a feast for the eyes and the pools are no exception.

10 Reasons Why You Should stay at the UNICO Resort in the Riviera Maya

2. Enjoy poolside and beachside service.

10 Reasons Why You Should stay at the UNICO Resort in the Riviera Maya

I mean, what’s a beach and pool experience without a full bar and snack service? Ha! I loved that there was not one single plastic straw served the entire weekend. (Reason no. 4 coming up will serve as motivation for us all to eliminate single-use plastic.)

3. Immediate access to the beach.

The pools are bonuses when you consider you have immediate access to the beach! I woke up early to walk the beach and catch the sunrise and take photos. Turns out most people don’t set their alarms for 5 am when they’re on vacation. It meant we had the entire beach to ourselves. We ate so well that we tried to do beach walks at night too. Whenever you can, opt for long walks on the beach. And if you do it at night at the Riviera Maya . . .

4. You could bear quiet witness to a sea turtle nesting on the beach.

I took nightly beach walks with my friend Hayden, and for two nights in a row, we came across big mama sea turtles, very slowly digging nests to lay their eggs. It was such an awe-inspiring moment in my life that reminded me of how beautiful this planet is. How important it is to help keep it safe and how much we take for granted. Hayden and I opted to be present and not try to digitally preserve the scene. Flash photography would disturb this mother from doing her important work. This moment reminded us of something I know content creators (including myself) struggle with, and that is sometimes being present sans cameras can yield some profound memories.

5. Guest can pay for spa, beauty, and barbershop treatments for a twenty percent service fee.

10 Reasons Why You Should stay at the UNICO Resort in the Riviera Maya

And if you want to further indulge, there are spa and beauty treatments for just a low twenty percent service rate. Pictured above is me soaking in a tub after an amazing full body massage. Even my hair felt relaxed.

6. You can sip on piña coladas in your personal balcony jacuzzi tub while eating ceviche.

I mean, come on! Do I need to repeat that? You can sip on piña coladas in your personal jacuzzi hot tub! I remember ordering ceviche from room service and setting up a bubble soak after getting back from the spa and being in disbelief that this was my life at that moment. I prepped this soak myself, but you can put in a request to have someone prepare a bubble soak for you. Complete with wine.

7. UNICO staff will help plan your excursions outside of the resort.

I dream of coming back for a romantic getaway with Sugarface. Given another chance, I’d love to book excursions to see Tulum and the Mayan ruins.

8. Meals are available in five restaurants. Plus, room service!

10 Reasons Why You Should stay at the UNICO Resort in the Riviera Maya

There is even a hibachi restaurant and a daily brunch and breakfast buffet. You already know how much I love brunch. The service everywhere is amazing. Everyone is kind, helpful, patient, and they all go above and beyond to make your stay amazing. And if these five restaurants don’t do it for you, there’s twenty-four-hour room service and a stocked minibar!

9. Daily and nightly events including access to nearby properties and clubs.

I’ve personally aged out of the club scene, but UNICO offers vibrant nightlife if you want to dance the night away or enjoy social events like a day time beer pong tournament. When you check in, you’ll not only be greeted by welcome cocktails, but also be given a calendar of events as a resource.

10. And if you must, there’s strong wifi.

I get it. I have an unconventional job and sometimes you just have to find internet access to send those emails. The point is, if you must, UNICO even has strong wifi available for you to work on your vacation. Their coffee bar is open all day and night.

So that concludes my list of just 10 (of many) reasons why you should stay at the UNICO Resort in the Riviera Maya. I haven’t yet started wedding planning for Sugarface and me but am dreaming of honeymoon spots already!

And I leave you with one of my favorite quotes paired with one of my favorite moments from this trip.

Unico Hotel

So tell me, friends, when was the last time you treated yourself to something luxurious?