Friday Food Definition: Rousong or Thit Cha Bong (Thịt chà bông)

This week’s FFD is a video blog. I’ve only made one once before, so I’m still a video neophyte. The video below was my first and only take. Had my roomie not come home so soon, I would have maybe tried a few more times to speak slower, corrected myself when I said “minced”, the word I was looking for was “pulled.” I would have also put on some prettier clothes, slapped on some make up, and taken off some shine. Doh!

There is a Vietnamese meat called thịt chà bông. I have never researched it before but I grew up eating it. I assumed it was a Vietnamese specific dish but like many other Asian dishes, there’s apparently overlap amongst the other Asian countries. I was describing this to Thomas and he alerted me that in Chinese, our “cha bong” or “thịt chà bông” is called “rousong.” Here’s the wikipedia link. When you look up thịt chà bông on wikipedia, you are directed to their page for rousong. In the video, I show you the loot I have in my fridge that my mom made for me.

Bonus: I roped Thomas into doing a sound byte about rousong.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Tonight, the boyfriend and I are going to see Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Televison Tour. Can’t wait. We’re Team Coco!

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