Fogo de Chao

309 E 3rd St
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 472-0220

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Fogo de Chao never disappoints. They continuously impress me through the couple of years I’ve been with their quality meats, impeccable service, and impressive salad bar. (It takes a lot for me to be impressed by any salad bar but I sing it praises.) Fogo de Chao (translates to “fire in ground” in Portuguese), is a churrascarias or Brazilian steak house. The restaurant is usually too dark for me to take photos but we were luckily seated by the window last week so I thought I’d snap a few photos to entice and lure new patrons for this incredible establishment. Fogo operates somewhat buffet style. Each patron gets a circular two sided card. Green means come serve me meat, and red means I regretfully need to pause. It can get a little overwhelming when your card is green, their meat circulates at a fantastic speed. The Fogo men come to you, each holding rods of meat, and they tell you what they have. If you want what they have, they then carve the meat as you request. You then use your personal tong to grasp the cut for your plate. The salad bar, meat, and sides are all you can possibly eat for 40 dollars. I promise though, you’ll want to experience their dessert and wine too.

Salad Sampling
This was my salad plate. They have everything and it taste so fresh, I’m amazed. By veggies, imagine that!

Salad Sampling
Alan’s salad. He’s clearly here for the meat.

To demonstrate how extensive their menu of meats are, allow me to list them for you

  • Picanha (top sirloin, their signature steak and my absolute favorite. I had the Fogo de Chao men come round 3 times with this.
  • Filet Mignon (with variations) – Practically melts in your mouth.
  • Beef Ancho (Rib Eye)
  • Alcatra (Top Sirloin)
  • Fraldinha (bottom sirloin)
  • Costela (beef ribs)
  • Lamb
  • Chicken (with variations)
  • Pork ribs
  • Lomo (pork loin and Alan’s favorite)
  • Sausage

  • A snapshot of my plate that was continuously being added to even after this shot. The cut on the bottom was my favorite, their house speciality, the Picanha. I almost had a hard time swallowing it as it meant the flavors were no longer dancing on my tongue. Oi. I’m serious.

    Sides of Fogo de Chao
    Our table never went low on sides before new plates were brought out. Pictured: bread, the cheese bread (pão de queijo) that are addictive, mashed potatoes. Not pictured: caramelized bananas and polenta.

    And finally, the dessert I try to push on every Fogo de Chaoer is the Papaya Cream. Sure, you can get the more traditional desserts, tres leches, chocolate mousse cake, creme brulee, but I ask you, how often do you get an opportunity to order papaya cream? Not often at all! It’s chilled and refreshing. They serve with the optional splash of blueberry liqueur which I never option out of.

    Papaya Cream @ Fogo de Chao
    I start day dreaming about this dessert as soon as I know plans are made for dining at Fogo

    For a party of 7 with desserts and wine, it was just under 90 dollars per person. So yes, it’s a little spendy for the average joe but 40 dollars just for the meats and salad is more than worth it. It is perfect for occasional treats and special occasions. For us it was a birthday! The folks who never experienced Fogo before (everyone but Alan and me) were still delirious with happiness a couple of hours later. In fact, the birthday boy a few days ago, brought up Fogo de Chao with a wistful smile. “That Fogo de Chao is an awesome place.” Why yes, yes it is.

    Birthday boy and his fiance

    My main squeeze and me

    Toasting to the Lakers (in honor of the Birthday Boy’s allegiances)

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