Wordless Wednesday: Cupcakes and Cocktails Benefiting The Arc of Capital Area

Austin Food Bloggers Alliance’s annual charity cocktail reception was last weekend. I have served on the philanthropy committee for two years so it has been a pleasure to work closely with this event for two years. We helped raise about $7,000 for The Arc of Capital Area and that makes me so happy. What doesn’t make me happy is that we forgot to take a group photo of the philanthropy committee. Oh well, next year!

This coffee cocktail concocted by T1 Tequila was a smash hit at the event. Instagram video below.

  • T1 Tequila

    Thanks for posting and glad we could attend! We’ve put the recipe for the cocktail up on our facebook page, if anyone is interested (the recipe is in the comments). https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=605303946169288&set=a.407872412579110.98313.390387634327588&type=1&theater

    • Thank you, T1! Heard nothing but good things and it was such a photogenic cocktails. Saw many beautiful shots on Instagram. :)

  • Rebecca

    wow, yummy pastries..

    wanna eat them

    My entry is here.

  • Abegail Tudela

    This looks great and raising that much money is awesome! I would love to be a part of something like that. I will look into it sometime soon if we have something similar here in L.A !

    All the cupcakes is making me crave one now! haha

    • Make some vegan ones, Abby!