Wordless Wednesday: Bananers Are Love

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  • great post for wordless… Happy WW! Hoping you can visit my Wordless post.

  • That looks yummy!

    Chocolate Fountain

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, this looks YUMMY!!

  • mef

    Did y’all just get chocolate and nuts? I really want to try chocolate and oreos!

    • Yes! We all got chocolate and nuts. Lily ordered first and then Jamie and I looked at each other. Our eyes seemed to say, “Man, never mind. I want want what Lily’s having.”  I tried chocolate and oreos last time. :)


      • mef

        Which did you like better?

        • Nuts. Though we were outside all day so it made us all die of thirst. We immediately went to a gas station to buy hydration. 

  • Joyce Lansky

    I hope I didn’t suck in any calories by looking at these pictures. Yum!


    • Ha :) That’s the thing about food porn! No calories but bad for will power nonetheless.

  • oh that absolutely looks delicious. i also love the tiles :) super cute for a post.

  • looks super yummy. the tiles are super fun too. but what are they from? i thought at first they were scrabble tiles but i noticed they don’t have the numbers…

    • I’m going to have to ask them this when I go back to Bananarchy. 

  • I love frozen bananas!