Vancouver, Canada: Japadog

Various locations in Dowtown, Vancouver, Canada.

A handful of people kept mentioning Japadog when I was gathering food recommendations for my trip to Vancouver. (One person in particular who was sweet enough to write an entire email full of recommendations was Suki. Her post on Japadog and other food carts in Vancouver here.)

Alan and I stumbled on Japadog and ate there twice without ever looking it up and mapping it out. Our first day there we had just eaten lunch and did a few errands (Yes, you read that right. Errands on vacation!), when we stumbled on our first of two run-ins. We had just eaten and were going to eat dinner with friends soon but couldn’t help but at least snack on Japadog, aptly named for the fusion of Japanese condiments and hot dogs. So we shared the Terimayo (Menu items are numbered differently per food cart). Hot dog topped with Japanese Mayo, Teriyaki sauce and seawood. It was a delightful first experience. Alan and I both made involuntary and very attractive grunts of joy. The dog was good but the toppings were an experience I couldn’t wait to have again. I’m a big fan of nori (dry seaweed) and can snack on the nori on its own. Topped on a hot dog, it gives the dog a dainty aspect. The feather light crisps of seaweed together with the smooth mayo and Teriyaki sauce and juicy dog, it’s a joy that needs to be revisited.

And revisit we did! Our last meal in Vancouver, we stopped by another Japadog food cart at the train station and got two more dogs.

Beef Terimayo

Spicy Cheese Terimayo – dog filled with cheese, topped with the winning combination of mayo, nori, and grilled onions

I also caught Japadog on the Vancouver episode on No Reservations. It tickles me greatly that they misspelled Bourdain’s name on their cart.

I won’t ever forget you, Japadog. The next barbecue I get invited to, I’m bringing the mayo and nori!

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  • it has to be the kewpie mayo! :) not just any regular mayo. 

    • Oh yes. Hm I suppose I could try to hunt down the kewpie mayo. Ha :)

  • I saw this and had to comment! I’m actually watching the shows Anthony Bourdain’s show on Netflix. I love him! 

    This place looks absolutely fantastic. I wish we had something like this here. It’s definitely different, but I can see how I can greatly appreciate street food like this! :)

    • Oh man, I love me some Anthony Bourdain. You should check out his books! Have I told you I touched his tricep? :)

  • mef

    Y’all clearly liked the Terimayo. Which version was y’alls favorite?

    • The one with the cheese inside of the dog. ;)
      Yeah, I couldn’t stop with the nori.

      • mef

        I don’t think I could have either. Did they have the nori with anything that didn’t have mayo?

  • Drdianacheung

    um okay. we might have to come here. Glenn loves hot dogs and I love AB!

    • We can share AB. Have you seen him naked holding the steak in front of his man parts?