Mambo Berry

Mambo Berry

1600 S Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 626-2321

In five days, I’ve had frozen yogurt THREE times. I’m pretty yogurted out. Unless of course, fate invites me back to Mambo Berry. I finally got off my butt and took Peter’s (of Tasting Buds) advice he bestowed upon me nearly a year ago. That Mambo Berry has the best yogurt in Austin. Mambo Berry doesn’t do the self-serve frozen yogurt like a lot of the other yogurt places in Austin. They remind me more of Red Mango (Time Square) and PinkBerry (Queens, New York – and there’s a Pinkberry opening this summer in Austin!). They have two flavors. Green tea and plain and a swirl of the two. Much like Pinkberry and Red Mango (at least how I remember them from 3 years ago). I think when they keep their yogurt flavors limited to 2, it’s a bit more honest. It actually becomes more about the yogurt itself and less of “let’s see what crazy flavors they’re rotating out today!” The yogurt flavor was well balanced, not too sweet or tart. Very well balanced. What really had me impressed through was the yogurt texture. Creamy, smooth, and light and not at all grainy. How did they do that?

Pricing 4 dollars a cup, 50 cents a topping. I went with my usual Fruity Pebbles (I get irrationally irked when yogurt places do not have Fruity Pebbles) and chocolate. I had no idea chocolate = melted chocolate and not solid chocolate. Next time, I will steer clear from the chocolate.

Mambo Berry
Agreed. The best yogurt I’ve had thus far in Austin.

Yeah so, I’m burnt out on yogurt. No more inviting me to yogurt places for a while, friends. Unless… it’s Mambo Berry.

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