Friday Food Definition: French Press Coffee

This week’s Friday Food Definition is inspired by my trip to Friar Tuck’s Pantry last weekend. One of our book club members ordered coffee and the coffee they brought him is French Press coffee. Since then, I’ve asked a few of my friends about it and though none of them have had it, they say the word on the street is that it’s supposed to be really good and strong. So I’ve added French Press coffee to my neverending to eat/drink list.

French Press Coffee

Perhaps the simplest method for brewing coffee is with the use of the French Press. A typical press is a cylindrical pot with a mesh plunger that is pushed down through a mixture of water and coffee. Ground coffee is placed at the bottom of the pot and covered with very hot, but not boiling or boiled water. After allowing the mixture to steep for a few minutes, the plunger is pushed from top to bottom keeping the grounds at the bottom of the pot. Although the standard French Press is glass, the newer stainless steel thermal insulated French press coffee makers have brought a nice improvement for those who want to keep the coffee hot for several hours after brewing.

Edward, the member from our book club who ordered this coffee, walks us through his first experience of French Press coffee

Tell me, have you tried French Press coffee or heard of it?