Wood-Burnt Serving Board DIY Party


I find rainy day activities can be so good for the soul. Especially if it’s a novel activity with friends and food is involved. I spent my rainy Saturday with Anita, Amy, Kathy and Sarah dabbling in wood burning. Anita hosted a unique craft party sponsored by Brit&Co and Triscuit and we were her lucky guests.

Brit & Co. have wonderful craft kits you can purchase from their site. Their wood-burning standard kits have a wood-burning pen with four tips, a wood cheese board and a practice board. We had a lot of fun practicing with and testing out each of the four tips.

Wood Burnt Serving Board

I love Anita’s honeycomb design. She cut out a paper hexagon and traced it with a pencil on to her board. We all agreed the straight-edge tip was the easiest tip to use for lines.

Wood Burnt Serving Board

I opted for a vine design for my cheeseboard. The leaf tip was a pleasure to use. I pressed and held and there was no anxiety about smooth movement.

Wood Burnt Serving Board

All of the finished boards were darling. A relief considering how nervous we all were handling wood-burning pens for the first time!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mentioned our snacks. We snacked on deliciously adorned Triscuit crackers. Anita and Amy both played with toppings. My two favorites were the roasted marshmallow and peanut butter dusted in chocolate flakes and chevre mixed with honey, smoked black pepper and organic thyme (June’s Joy from Pure Luck Cheeses) topped with blackberries.

There’s something both satisfying and empowering about crafting and creating. I quite enjoyed spending a quiet rainy Saturday afternoon working (and eating!) with my hands!

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