Eating All the Brunch Dishes at Juniper

Brunch at Juniper

2400 E Cesar Chavez St #304, Austin, TX 78702

My friend Kristin organized an epic media brunch tasting at Juniper. It’s not often you get to spend a couple of hours with your foodie friends and get to try every brunch menu item available at the restaurant. It felt like our version of an amusement park! As beautiful plates rolled out and lens caps were snapped off their cameras, my friends all entered their state of flow as they styled their shots. There were popping of yolks, walking plates off to scenic backdrops, taking turns being hand models, and stealing strategic small bites. I am so thankful I’ve found a group of like-minded peers who don’t mind eating cold food!

Potato Puffs; with whipped dijon and herbs; $7

My favorite bite was the Potato Puffs. Have I told you how much I love tater tots? If I see tater tots, I must order. In college, I’ve had many meals of just tots and mustard. Now that I have a more mature grasp on food in comparison to my early twenties, I can appreciate a sophisticated spin on this classic comfort snack. These Potato Puffs were velvety whipped version of my collegiate favorite.

Lamb Frico; potato, fontina, sunny egg, créme fraîche, gremolata, $14

One last thing about my tater tot obsession. When I was a kid, I wanted to open a restaurant and call it House of Spud. That was how much I loved potatoes in general. So there’s my full disclosure on my potato bias. What almost tied for my favorite dish was the Lamb Frico. A potato pancake dish with fontina, a fried egg, and créme fraîche, and gremolata.

Speaking of pancakes, these fig pancakes were almost too beautiful to eat.

Baked Eggs; red sauce, salsa vede, crusty bread; $15

I’ve been meaning to try to make these eggs myself but it’s so much easier to just let the professionals at Juniper handle it.

Trout and Toast; mascarpone spread, boiled egg, capers, dill, wheat toast; $18

I enjoyed assembling (and eating) the trout and toast. All the ingredients played well with each other.

Dippin’ Doughnuts & Espresso Ganache, $6

When I dip, you dip, we dip these sugared doughnuts into decadent ganache! Oh, which reminds me, their soundtrack put all of us in the grooving mood. Think 90s hip hop and R&B.

Order the poppy seed citrus toast to nibble on and check out those sweet buns, hun.

Lasagna; oxtail, smoked mozzarella, rosemary; $13

Kristin said this was her favorite lasagna in town. After tasting it, I can see why!

Breakfast Bun; with pork belly, fried egg, tomato,
farm greans, and dijon aioli; $13

I mean, just look at that drip.

So as you can see, Juniper has a strong brunch game. You really can’t go wrong here. Don’t forget what I said about those Potato Puffs when you go!

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