The Best Thai Restaurants in Austin

Best Thai Restaurants in Austin

It’s time for an update on my Best Thai Restaurants City Guide! I can eat noodles almost every day and Thai noodles are my kryptonite. Researching this post and crowd-sourcing fellow Austinite’s favorite was quite a delicious endeavor.

Dee Dee
1906 E. Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX

I love Dee Dee’s food truck! Nestled next to La Barbecue, this food truck serves spicy street fare from North Thailand and it’s amazing. I went twice within a couple of weeks and ordered the Pad Kaprow. Also try their pork skewers (Moo Ping) if available. Actually, I hear everything on their menu is worth trying and I believe it!

IM Thai
5207 Brodie Ln., Ste 200, Austin, TX 78745

When I asked on social media what people’s favorite Thai places were in Austin, I received a few votes for IM Thai. One of my previous coworkers sang IM Thai constant praises and swore up and down their crab rangoons are the best he’s ever had. Curious, I ordered some and wow, they’re so creamy!

Madam Mam’s
multiple locations

Madam Mam's

I’ve been going to Madam Mam’s since they first opened in 2001 and I first moved to Austin as a college student. Pictured above is Sugarface’s regular order, the Pad Woon Sen. I always get their Pad Kee Mao with flat noodles but love their curries as well.

13945 US-183 C80, Austin, TX 78717

I haven’t yet made the trek to Muangthai, but Foodie is the New Forty tells me they have the best Thai food in town.

Sap’s Fine Thai Cuisine
multiple locations


Formerly, Madam Mam’s. Though the owners split ways and Sap’s became its own separate entity, their menus remain similar. Photographed above is my favorite dish to order from them, the Pad Kee Mao with flat noodles.

440 E St. Elmo Rd, Building G-2, Austin, Texas 78745

Soursop, a food truck located at St. Elmo Brewing Company, serves Asian fusion. I went last Sunday and their menu was limited because of their Sunday brunch menu. I plan to go back to try some of their Thai inspired items. I’ve heard great things about their Panang Eggplant and their Som Tam (papaya salad.) Their shrimp chips and queso made me very happy. Of course check out St. Elmo Brewing Company’s beers while you’re there. I like the Dampf!

1417 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

May I suggest the Son-In-Law (pictured above) and the Thai Tea Affogato? The Son-In-Law could be my favorite overall dish in Austin. I love Sway. Especially for date night. In fact, Sugarface and I celebrated our one year anniversary here after watching Die Hard. Then a year later we celebrated year two here after watching Die Harder. What can I say, we’re creatures of habit.

Thai Fresh Coffee Bar & Restaurant
909 W Mary St, Austin, TX 78704

Thai Fresh

A long beloved neighborhood establishment. They have an attached coffee shop and bakery and also sell a few Asian groceries. The header photo up top is of their Pad Kee Mao with pork belly and yellow curry. They are the first restaurant in Austin to provide a living wage to their servers, so you need not tip here.

Thai Kun at Whisler’s
E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

Thai Kun

Thai Kun, a food trailer and part of the East Side King family, does not kid around when they say something is spicy. They also pack a lot of flavor into their dishes.

Thai Kun at Rock Rose
11601 Rock Rose Ave, Ste 100, Austin, TX 78758

Thai Kun opened a brick last year in Rock Rose with an expanded menu. I like the chive cake and the clay pot!

Thai, How Are You?
2100 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705

Thai How Are You?

Thai, How Are You? is on campus. Their name is a nod to the beloved “Hi, How are you” mural that was painted on the side of their business way before they moved in. Thai, How Are You? makes Sugarface’s favorite Pad Kee Mao. It’s extra saucy and abundant with fresh vegetables. They have beer and happy hour and a young demographic.

Thai Taste
7010 TX-71, Austin, TX 78735

I hear from my friend South Austin Foodie that Thai Taste is a formidable competitor in Austin’s Thai scene. You can read her review here. She recommends the Pad Se Ew.

Titaya’s Thai Cuisine
5501 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78751

Another town and personal favorite. Also great for date night. Browse Half Priced Books afterwards and buy each other stories!

Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe
5517 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78745

An unassuming restaurant, Tuk Tuk Thai Cafe has been serving South Austin for many years now. I went for the first time recently and their cheese pickle wontons are oddly addictive.

So this concludes my list of best Thai restaurants in Austin. Did I leave off any of your favorites? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  • carimwc

    Totally missing Tuk Tuk in South Austin at Manchaca and Stassney. It’s the third reincarnation of the Thai restaurants in that location but it’s by far the best. Everything is freshly made and delicious.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I’m going to have another try! I ordered delivery from them once when I lived South and it might have been an off day.

      • carimwc

        Their delivery can take forever, so I can see the hit or miss. I generally pick up as it’s faster. I’m addicted to their egg rolls, which are made with rice paper instead of wonton wrappers.

  • YUMMMM. I wonder if you went to any good Thai spots in NYC? I’ve been trying to find the best spot!

    • I have a bunch of friends who live or have lived long term there. Let me ask! I only know of one person who spoke to me about their Thai experience. He was my guy best friend for a long time and would go to Madam Mams in Austin with me weekly. When he moved to NYC for about 10 years, he told me he could never find a good enough establishment. I’ll ping him again and email you!

    • Just hit me, Pok Pok!!

  • I do love good Thai food! :) Great list ~ we’ll have to check some of these out when we’re in Austin in September!

  • YUM! Seconded the Sway, Sap’s, and Thai Kun… can’t wait to finally get up to the Rock Rose location. I will add that the obviously-named “Pad Thai” does actually have really nice curries (both the Guadalupe and Mueller locations). Our go-to for easy, quick takeout.

    • I spent a lonely Valentine’s Day at Pad Thai once. Will have to give them another go! Thanks for the rec!

      • Well, I commented last year, but here I am again! Great list and you know I love me some Thai noodles too… definitely need to try the new spots on the list!

  • FoodieIsTheNewForty

    Thanks for the shout-out!! We need to eat Thai food together more often. Also, I need to make you guys pad thai sometime!

    • Yes! We should hit up a Thai place for next next food blogging date.

  • FoodieIsTheNewForty

    Heyyyy, there’s my comment from last year! Hi, Last Year Michelle!

    I just ate lunch and I am nevertheless drooling over this post. Also, very intrigued by cheese pickle wontons. What?!?

    Your new blog header is so pretty! And your pic of Dee Dee turned out great – was that from last weekend? You hit up Soursop last weekend, too? DEDICATION!

    • Yeah! I ate at Soursop, Dee Dee’s and Song La with you all in one weekend. I toyed with a blog post (3 food trailers Tried in one weekend). But Juniper and updating the DUE Thai City Guide took precedence.

    • Hi last year and this year, Michelle. I still love you the same if not more. <3

  • Oh my gosh!!! You have me craving thai food for dinner tonight!!