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Seventh Flag

I am not a very good adult and consume coffee about four times as much as I do water. I love that Austin enables my addiction. For my coffee guide, I focused on places where you may not expect to find coffee, places that also serve alcohol, places great on sunny days, places to work, and of course places to flirt.

Unexpected Cups of Coffee

Central Market
Multiple locations

Not only can you get your grocery shopping done but you can also enjoy pour over coffee at their coffee bar/gelato stand. The North Lamar location has a lovely patio and sometimes live entertainment.

Flat Track Coffee
913 E Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702

With five bar stools for seating, this is not the place to hunker down or lounge. Word on the street is this place is tiny and thus hard to find but their espresso game is strong. Pun intended. Points for being adjacent to a bookstore with no name.

Juan Pelota
400 Nueces St. Austin, TX 78701

Find this cheekily named coffee shop inside Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop. They use Stumptown beans and serve sandwiches and breakfast tacos.

1401 South Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704

Shoe and eyeglasses store with a charity donation stop and coffee bar inside. Feel good and good about yourself when you enjoy a cup here.

Multiple locations

They have delectable garlic fries and a proscuitto arugula pizza I love, but did you know they also have good coffee and desserts? I didn’t know about the coffee here until I started my coffee research.

Coffee and Alcohol

218 W 4th St., Austin, TX 78701

A long standing downtown Austin establishment. Serving alcohol, coffee, desserts, comforting bites and sometimes alongside live music entertainment. Great date spot!


Patika Coffee and Wine
2159 S Lamar Blvd., Austin, TX 78704

I love the feel of this place. They have beers, wine, and coffee. The space is beautiful and the atmosphere is quiet. Has wifi.

Cuvée Coffee Bar
2000 E 6th St.,Austin, TX 78702

Nitrogenated cold brew and beers on tap. The garage door and windows reminds me of coffee shops Tout Suite in Houston and in Barista Parlor in Nashville. There is no wifi here.

Radio Coffee and Beer
4204 Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX 78704

I’m a softie for repurposed houses. I like coming here after a long work week to just drink a half pour of a milk stout and then follow it up with a latte. The patio lounge chairs are inviting. No wifi after 5pm. I learned this the hard way! Come here to socialize in groups or enjoy the chill vibes with a date. Check out my friend Mad Betty’s review.

4715 S Lamar Blvd., Ste 102, Sunset Valley, TX 78745

Serving Cuvée and craft beers. I haven’t been myself but Mad Betty has good things to say. Has wifi but aims to not be a quiet work place.

Wright Bros Brew & Brew
500 San Marcos St.,Ste 105, Austin, TX 78702

38 craft brews and beans from Austin’s Flat Track Coffee, San Francisco’s Sightglass Coffee, and Annapolis’s Ceremony Coffee. Tea from Austin’s Zhi.

Coffee and Sunshine

1700 S Lamar Blvd., Ste 400-B, Austin, TX 78704

Specializing in butter coffee, Picnik is also aptly named as it sits on a hill with a plush grass lawn, inviting you to sip on your decadent butter coffee while soaking in Vitamin D.

Sister Coffee trailer
1223 Rosewood Ave., Austin, TX 78702

An adorable coffee truck and proud purveyor of Blue Bottle Coffee.

Cherrywood Coffee House
1400 E 38th 1/2 St., Austin, TX 78722

Outdoor seating with live music on weekends, including kid friendly entertainment on Sundays. Very much a cool neighborhood coffee shop.

Caffe Medici
1101 W Lynn St., Austin, TX 78703

Caffe Medici has multiple locations but I’m spotlighting the West Lynn location for their rock benches and tables outside. Well respected coffee here in Austin.

For working and hunkering down

Flightpath Coffeehouse
5011 Duval St., Austin, TX 78751

I used to study here often in college. I recently went back and it’s still a quiet and cozy establishment filled with people highlighting text books or typing away on their laptops.

Vintage Heart Coffee
1405 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78702

May I recommend the lavender latte? Light and clean interior, quiet ambiance with good wifi.

2001 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., Austin, TX 78702
Open 24 hours.

Plenty of outlets, lots of seating, fun drinks with literary names. There’s something motivating about being in a room where everyone else is working. It makes you feel like you should be working too.

221 W North Loop Blvd., Austin, TX 78751

Open 24 hours. Plenty of outlets. Very popular place to get work done so seating can be limited unless you go in the afternoons, in between school sessions, or after midnight.

Summermoon Coffee Bar

Oddly shaped seating arrangements can put you directly across and a couple of feet above someone, getting a view of the top of his or her head and they the view of your laptop or cleavage. Weirdly the seating arrangements makes for a very productive atmosphere. I love their specialty signature lattes Summermoon and Wintermoon (half moon). I get a quarter moon because even the half moon is too sweet for me. Delicious!

Seventh Flag Coffee Co
1506 S 1st St. Austin, TX 78704

I enjoy sitting outside with company here but a peek inside tells me it’s a great place to work. Really clean and has a rustic feel. Has good wifi.

Date night

I just posted Best Date Spots in Austin, Texas. Consider this section an addendum to that post.


1010 E Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702

I came here to work once and sat by two people who met on Tinder on their first date. Which tells me Cenote caters to those who want to eat, to those who want to work, to those who want to mingle, to those who met on Tinder.

3826 Lake Austin Blvd., Austin, TX 78703

Another Austin icon and must visit. Great for dates and socializing. There is often live music and Amy’s Ice Cream and desserts. My coworker just told me he met his wife at Mozart’s. Consider that anecdotal evidence for Mozart’s being a good date spot.

Dolce Vita Gelato & Espresso Bar
4222 Duval St, Austin, TX 78751

I featured this in my date post but it is worth repeating! Dolce Vita has intimate seating inside and out. Serves coffee, sandwiches, gelato.

Spider House Cafe
2908 Fruth St., Austin, TX 78705

An Austin icon and must visit, a reflection of Austin’s weird culture.

What are your favorites? Any unexpected cups of coffee?

This list was curated in collaboration with Austin Food Blogger’s Alliance yearly City Guide series.

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