Vinaigrette >> Girl Eats World


Vinaigrette >> Girl Eats World

2201 College Ave
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 852-8791

Vinaigrette hails from New Mexico and opens today in Austin. I had the pleasure of previewing their menu yesterday and was impressed by both their beautiful airy space and their healthy offerings. Vinaigrette is a salad bistro with entree-sized salads that can be customized with delectable meats like duck confit and seared scallops. Though the salads are the stars of Vinaigrette, they also offer soups and stews, sandwiches, rich sides and desserts to accompany your leafy greens.

My life-long reluctance to eat salads has been something I’m trying to diminish as I grow older. I love that Vinaigrette can be a delicious positive influence on people like me. I ordered the Beet Goes On salad with duck confit and my friend Ashley ordered the Cherry Tart salad with added scallops. They both had the building blocks of satisfying salads, bright dressings, fresh leafy greens, salty crunchy nuts, and bits of savory cheeses. The added duck and scallops made the voluminous salads even heartier.

I felt so virtuous eating a big salad for lunch that I didn’t feel guilty for pairing it with fried goat cheese balls, creamy mac and cheese, and a lemon curd cheesecake. No regrets, y’all.

Vinaigrette >> Girl Eats World

Vinaigrette >> Girl Eats World

Vinaigrette >> Girl Eats World

Vinaigrette >> Girl Eats World
Cherry Tart ; dried cherries, mild feta cheese, peppery baby arugula and toasted pecans with champagne vinaigrette; $10.95. With Scallops, additional $8.

Vinaigrette >> Girl Eats World
The Beet Goes On; baby greens and arugula tossed with tangy goat cheese, chopped pistachios, balsamic roasted beets and honey-balsamic vinaigrette; $11.95. With Duck Confit, additional $7.50.


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  • South Austin Foodie

    I’ve eaten at their Albuquerque spot, and I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the preview! :)

  • FoodieIsTheNewForty

    Balls!! Also, those salads look REALLY GOOD, especially that one with the scallops! Can’t wait to try them!

  • I want all the salads!!!

  • Laura H.

    Looks and sounds beautiful. But a humongous ouch and a whimper for $20 salads.

    • You know this thought crossed my mind too. I’m not one who orders salads as entrees but I would totally get salads here for the price. The volume of the salad is so huge that it could feed you for two meals (I had mine for dinner too). I also think it could do the same if you didn’t add on the meats making it a 10-12 dollar giant salad.

      • Laura H.

        If they’re that big then yes, I’d agree!

        • Laura H.

          They look gorgeous in the photos but not necessarily big.

        • huge servings!

  • Laura H.

    They don’t look big in the photos but if that’s true then I’d babe to agree.

  • lisasyarns

    Yum, those salads look amazing! We have a fast casual salad place here that I love. The salads are pricey (even for a takeaway place) but I go there occasionally for inspiration for what to make at home.

    That outdoor space is beautiful! I am really envious of your beautiful weather. I love MN but winters are so tough and are a reminder that love is a verb. ;)

    • Haha. Thank YOU for the reminder that love is a verb.

      I want to learn to love salads. This place was a good start!