Progressive Lunch in Houston: Yogurtland

What is a progressive meal? A progressive meal is when you go to more than one place for a single meal. Often people do it by courses, my friends and I tend to do it by what is best known by the restaurant.

A few weeks ago Cindy, Thomas, and I convened for another one of our progressive lunches. (Read about our first, second, and third stops.) Our fourth and last was just a simple yogurt shop near by, Yogurtland. I’m not as crazed about trying all the yogurt places in Austin and Houston as I was a few years ago when they were all the rage, but I still find them generally delightful.

So glad we went because the yogurt (coconut and taro) were great, and they had my favorite topping (Fruity Pebbles), but most importantly, I kept that plastic spoon and it makes me feel so utterly happy when I use it to eat my cereal.

This concludes my 4 post series for this progressive meal. I see another one on our horizon Thanksgiving weekend, when I reunite with my Houston food loving friends for the holidays!

P.S. Yogurtland is a national chain. Go see if your town has one and maybe you can pick up your own Sanrio spoon!