Wordless Wednesday: Skinny Pancake’s Poutine (Vermont)

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  • Fries with gravy and cheese? Looks delicious. I haven’t had that forever.

    • It had been a while for me too! Hit the spot.

      Thanks for coming by, Carol!

  • Nutmegdesigns

    I miss poutine.  I grew up in Canada,  but now live in PA, and have yet to come across it.

    •  Yeah, I’m getting the sense that it’s not very popular. I’ve first had it in NYC and I think there are a couple of places in Austin (at least) that may have it/ have heard that they have it.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • this looks sooo yummy. lol i want to make some myself at home, maybe experiment with trying to make my own gravy :)

    • Sounds like a fun project! I bet you can make it easy with your skills. 

  • i LOVE your blog title (girl eats world) and aspiration to eat the world. i’m right there with you, sister! on of my favorite things about visiting new places is trying the FOOD.

    these fries look super yummy. i live in thailand right now and thai people don’t seem too big on fries. and if they DO eat fries, it’s just plain or with ketchup. bleh. i love cheese, chili, gravy, ranch dressing, etc on my fries. yummers!

    • Mmm, I bet the food in Thailand is phenomenal. I love Thai food and am curious to know how Thai food here compares to the real deal.

      Thanks for coming by, Tracy!  I hear you on the fries. There are many ways you dip those things!