Wordless Wednesday: Last Night’s Dinner at Odd Duck

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  • Looks so good. Cool place!

    • I follow your blog for a while on in my reader and regard you as a food
      blogger celebrity. Am star struck to get a comment from you. :)

  • Very cool. One of my requirements when we go out to eat is that it has to have a place to eat outside.  I just noticed you were from Austin….is this in Austin?!  I will have to check it out.

    • It is in Austin! Listed in the Possibly Related blog posts on this post is
      Odd Duck. If you click on it, there’s video from Anthony Bourdain’s trip to
      Austin. Are you from Austin?

  • Looks yummy. Especially because this is my lunch hour. Now I’m really hungry.

    • I hope you have a satisfying lunch! If not, make up for it for dinner.

  • BDF


  • Um….I want a place like this around here! That food looks amazing!

    • It was delightful! Wish you had it where you’re from too. Where IS that?

      Thank you for coming by!

      • I’m from Atlanta. I’m sure they have something similar somewhere around here, but I haven’t found it yet :)

        • Mmm. It’s been years since I’ve eaten in Atlanta. Next time I’m there, I’ll
          be on the lookout. I think Atlanta was the only time in my life I’ve had
          cake with coke baked into it.

  • mef

    What’s underneath the green beans?

    • Quail! :) I love that picture of the green beans. Also, I tried to get
      around the words by taking a picture of the menu. But I think that wasn’t

  • I finally saw the outdoor trailer eatery area on Best Food Ever.  How cool!  Austin must be an amazing place to live.  My girlfriend lived there for a few months and raved about it.

    • It is. Sometimes we worry that people flocking here and moving here will
      ruin its charm but hey, at least we had it at it’s most charming before that
      happens! :)

  • this all looks super delicious. i haven’t had lunch yet so this is starting to look extremely yummy.