Wordless Wednesday: East Side King


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  • Katie Lewis

    Hi! I’m so glad we “ran into” each other! I have been a fan of your food blog (this one) and yep I actually just got my match today for #ausbos food swap / blog swap this morning from Jodi. I’m PRETTY excited to do this!!!

    And horay for #Nablopomo, although it’s getting harder and harder…… haha running out of brilliance ;)

    I hope to meet you at an event too!!

    • How exciting! I hope this means I’ll hear about my match today.  Thanks for coming by :)

  • mef


    • lol
      one is a wild mushrooms and rice and the other is yakatori chicken

      • mef

        gosh. looks so much better than my lunch. is that an egg in the mushrooms and rice one?

  • So healthy. You make Dr. Oz proud.

    • I missed this comment! :) HI MATT. As long as I make YOU proud.

  • Ivan Morales

    I am SOOOOO hooked on the pork belly from this place. I eat here at least once a week! lol