Wordless Wednesday: Dallas Farmers Market

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  • Meg

    Looks like a great farmer’s market! I wish ours had that much great produce.

    • It was my first one since childhood. Definitely inspired me to eat healthier and cook more.

  • mef

    I REALLLLLLY need to either sign up for a CSA or start going to our farmer’s market. Did y’all buy anything?

    • Blueberries and snow cones. We had a full day out so we didn’t buy much and this is our first stop. Lots of sampling. We had an Israel Melon which is honeydew and cantaloupe together.

      • mef

        Yum @ blueberrise and snow cones. Not so yum at Israel Melon although it sounds interesting.

  • Oh, I love farmers markets! They’re so much fun — and a great way to support local commerce. Your photos are so pretty and colorful. I have a feeling I would be wandering around there for a while . . . and couldn’t come home without a watermelon.

    • It did take a bit of time. They had 4 sheds! Loved the experience. Thank you for coming by. :)

  • What I love most about Farmer’s Markets is the smell! It makes me want to cook even in this hot Texas heat! 

    • It gave me the same stirrings! I kept wishing I was done moving so I could start cooking right away! Thank you for coming by. :)

  • Those peppers are madness!  And yellow watermelon?  Why, yes please.  And I love the expression on the Alberta peach girl’s face.  She looks less than really sweet:)

    • I know, I debated on whether I should post the peach lady because of her sour look, but I couldn’t help myself. We were passing through with lots of destinations so we only bought blueberries. I would have loved to taste a yellow watermelon. :) Thanks for stopping by!