Wordless Wednesday: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

The photo of me below was taken by Thomas Chen.

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  • Shelley

    Ha! Love that pic of Michelle with her nerd lights. Where is Lankford’s Cafe?

    • Houston! Shelley. Let’s grab some eats before the year ends? I’m on a strict budget lately (hardly eat out) but I want to meet you!

  • mef

    What on earth are those light things?

    • They’re book lights! How clever is that?

      • mef

        THEY WORK??? It’s very clever

        • Apparently just enough boost in dark restaurants. Hehe.

  • omg i love the light thing. SO CLEVER. i should totally DO THAT… too many restaurants want to give you romantic lighting. ;P

    • Hehe. She’s smart, that lady. 

  • Your posts always make me so hungry!!!

    • It does the same to me when I write them! Hi, stranger!

  • seriously who doesn’t love food! OMG so delicious!