Wordless Wednesday: Austin’s 2nd Annual Bacon Takedown

  • Looks like a good time was had by all! I missed the BaconTakedown- was at TECHmunch all weekend. Thanks for letting me experience it vicariously through your pics!

  • Linda

    How was TECHmunch? Learned a lot? Can’t wait to see how your blog evolves with your new knowledge.

    Thanks for the comment love!
    – Linda

  • mef

    Some of that stuff actually looks really good. But what was that in the ice cream?

    • Linda

      Hi Mefs,
      In terms of eats, I liked last year’s bacon creations so much better (link listed as 5 possibly related posts). The thing in the ice cream tasted like a fried onion crisp. :) I liked it but agree with Brandi about this one. It wasn’t bacony enough!
      – Linda

  • OH YUM! Chi Linda that looks delicious. I love bacon nom nomo nom ^_^

  • Bacon Festival! Really? I want one. Jealous. Looks yummy

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