Umami Mia Pizzeria

Edit: Now closed!

1500 Barton Springs Rd
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 428-5175

You would think that I’d be burnt out on pizza for months after the day I tried 16 pizzas. Truth is I had a couple new pizzerias I wanted to try, Umami Mia Pizzeria being one of them. I was bummed when I missed their blogger media party. When I saw the beautiful photos of my fellow food blogging friends from Umami Mia, I made a vow to go on my own. Many thanks to Umami Mia for making it happen sooner with an invite for a personal media tasting.

Zilker Lemonada ; $9.00 and Thyme Will Tell; $8.00

Per our server, Zilker Lemonada is their most popular cocktail and I can see why, fruity and refreshing! Thyme Will Tell was tasty too and reminded me of my favorite, Moscow Mule. They used fresh Lemon Thyme from their garden source. These cocktails are the perfect summer refreshers.

Fresh Mozzarella salad; fresh mozzarella, vine tomatoes, olive oil, lemon zest, radishes, and basil; $9.95

What a beautiful introduction to the meal! This salad was pretty photogenic don’t you think? Everything tasted so fresh. They locally source their vegetables and herbs and house make their mozzarella.

Prosciutto & Fig Pizza; Gorgonzola, arugula, honey, chili flakes, fig, and Parmesan; $19.95

If you read my previous entry, I had just told you that the Blanca from 360 Pizza was one of my favorite from 360. I said my only gripe was that I wish they added proscuitto because I loved arugula and proscuitto as a couple. Well Umami Mia delivered my wish and leveled up with figs! I was such a happy girl when I bit into this delightful marriage of savory and sweet. Cheese and figs are one of my favorite combinations and arugula and proscuitto are another favorite combination. You put all that together and I just knew I couldn’t order anything else from Umami Mia Pizzeria.

Carbonara Pasta; $18.95

Except, I was wrong! My fellow food blogger, Michelle directed me to the carbonara as a must-try. I didn’t think the pizza could be topped but the carbonara came out on top for me. It was a close call but the pasta was delicate, the cubes of pancetta welcomed, and sauce rich without being too thick. The pine nuts gave it a nice contrast in textures. I almost forgot that there was an egg since it was camouflaged on the plate by the layer of Parmesan. Runny egg is one of Earth’s simple pleasures. This pasta dish twice exceeded my expectations.

Peanut Butter Cream with Chocolate Malt Balls and Sea Salt; $6.00

Is it just me or do desserts served in mason jars evoke a sense of nostalgia? You almost expect to have your mom brush you hair back and give the top of your head a kiss before serving you something like this. No? Just me? No bother, this was also a great combination of sweet and savory and creamy and crunchy.

Balance and ying and yang are the themes of this meal. Umami Mia did a great job playing with opposites. The sweet tones with salty tones. Soft creams punctuated with crunches. I thought the dessert was a very sweet note to end on, but then on my way out I had the honor of shaking Chef George Thomas’s hand. Thanking him personally for a delicious meal was the the perfect ending to an evening out.

It was a pretty spectacular meal. When I eat a full meal somewhere, not too often am I in love with literally every bite. When this happens I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Also, when this happens, it makes it less likely that I will order anything new the next time I visit. So Umami Mia Pizzeria? I will definitely be returning and most likely will order the same exact meal.

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