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True Food Kitchen in Austin

True Food Kitchen >> Girl Eats World

222 West Ave, Suite HR100, Austin, TX 78701
(512) 777-2430
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True Food Kitchen opens in Austin today! I had the pleasure of previewing their menu last week.

My friend Kate told me that one of her favorite healthy restaurants is opening a location in Austin. As she was telling me about the restaurant, the name True Food Kitchen rang a bell. One quick search in my email and I saw that I was invited to preview their menu. I took Kate as my date and let her introduce me the wonders of True Food Kitchen.

Tucked in Austin’s new Seaholm District, True Food Kitchen felt like a hidden gem. Their entrance was flanked by adorable herb gardens, setting the tone of their mission, which is to provide healthy anti-inflamatory food with great flavor. We both ordered “refreshers”, which were like healthy mocktails. I started with the pomegranate limeade but quickly traded it for a Kale-Aid (kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger, celery, apple; $6) after tasting Kate’s. They also have actual cocktails, but we abstained since we had to return to work.

True Food Kitchen >> Girl Eats World

True Food Kitchen >> Girl Eats World

True Food Kitchen >> Girl Eats World
Edamame Dumplings; with dashi, daikon, and white truffle oil; $9

I learned that the menu we sampled is currently unique to Austin. True Food Kitchen is testing out a new menu and debuting it with the grand opening of their Austin location. Kate and I shared the edamame dumplings to start. It was delectable, and I loved the dashi sauce. I kept spooning it over the dumplings. I couldn’t quite taste the truffle oil in this dish, but it was still perfect in my eyes.

True Food Kitchen
Red Chili Noodle Bowl with Shrimp; Chinese eggplant,
gai lan (also known as Chinese broccoli), snow pea,
shitake mushroom, cashew, cilantro; $18

I may have stopped reading the rest of the menu when I saw they had a noodle bowl. If there’s one food I can eat every day, it’s noodles. Abundant with vegetables, these stir-fried noodles felt healthier than the noodles I typically indulge in. Eating these noodles was the most virtuous I’ve felt while eating noodles.

Sustainable Seabass; with asparagus, sugar snap pea,
roasted mushroom, whole grains, lemon-nooch emulsion; $26

Kate ordered the Seabass, and we both oohed and ahhed over how divinely it flaked with our prodding forks. The flavor from the lemon-nooch emulsion danced on my tongue. She was quite pleased with her dish and I loved that she shared.

True Food Kitchen >> Girl Eats World

True Food Kitchen >> Girl Eats World
Chia Seed Pudding; chia seeds, soaked in rich coconut milk,
with bananas slices and crunchy toasted coconut

If someone told me that I’d be haunted by a chia seed pudding before I had this one, I’d laugh in his or her face. But I can’t shake this chia pudding from my mind. I would swim in a bowl of this if I could. In fact, I may try to replicate this dessert soon.

As we drove back to our office, Kate and I both agreed that we were happy with our meal and would order everything again with exception a couple of the refreshers. We both endorse the Kale-Aid. We can’t wait to go back!

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