Terra Burger: Naughty 11pm Decision

10611 Research Blvd
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 382-5864

Alan texted me while I was at my night job tonight asking where the spaghetti was. I told him I threw it out and feeling nice, I offered to pick up something on my way home. He wanted to try out Terra Burgers. Neither of us have had it. It’s an all organic burger joint. I’m pretty indifferent to the organic movement. I know Alan prefers it so sometimes I cook with organic ingredients when I cook for us, but really, I don’t care.

So my goal was to only buy him a burger and at most take a bite of Alan’s. I had dinner at work with bags (2) of chips and pudding and wasn’t hungry. I almost succeeded in ordering just for him. “I want a Thousand Island Burger with fries, please…………….um make that two Thousand Island Burgers.” Dangit. It’s the lure of a new place. I like to try new eats! It’s impossible to ask me to order something for someone else at a new place and not expect me to get in on the action.

My bed time is midnight which gives me 6 hours of sleep a night on weeknights. It was 10:30pm when I ordered that burger. Bad! I have a New Year’s dress that has very little no room to grow in. I was counseled by a friend only to eat HALF of the burger and no fries. So on the way to Alan’s, I told myself that I’ll only eat half a burger and bring it for lunch tomorrow.

I failed.

I REALLY failed.

Well, here’s the review of Terra Burgers, written with a guilty conscience.

I prefer my Mighty Fine over Terra. At Terra Burger, all burgers are 1/3 lb and they’re 5.99 for just the burger. I’m guessing you’re paying for it being organic. Meh, it didn’t taste like a 5.99 burger to me. The fries were crumbly. Maybe it was my ordering at 10:30pm when they close at 11pm but the girl at the window told me I’m waiting a while because everything is being cooked as ordered. So, maybe they’re just crumbly or she just duped me.

I like a little more seasoning in my burger or maybe a tiny bit more grease. Some more taste. I’m left wanting! Hard to believe with how much of it I ate, I know. The beef patty was so thick it was hard on my lockjaw. (BTW, I have a constant persistent case of lock jaw. The HORROR!)

Alan on the other hand enjoyed it. He think it’s pretty good for how healthy it is. I think he’ll be going back.

Anyway, it’s past my bedtime. Good night!

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