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“Follow Linda on her food journey all over Texas as she shares her love of all kinds of cuisine. While she doesn’t blog daily, her posts are thoughtful, detailed and reminiscent of a diary we’ve stumbled upon and just can’t stop reading. “

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Midtown Magazine

Linda’s popular account features thousands of food photos from places in the Triangle and beyond. And even though she is making part of her living from her influencer role, she admits it’s not easy.

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The News & Observer

“For Linda Nguyen, a Raleigh-based influencer, social media is her full-time job. She mainly blogs and Instagrams photos of food at area restaurants under the heading of “Girl Eats World” and gives recommendations to her 16,000 followers.”

Wait, you can get paid for posting Instagram photos? Influencer industry flourishes.

Tabletop Media Group

“I literally dream about food often; my favorite dream was the one where someone hand feeds me chocolate by the spoonful over and over again. I love how universal food is. We need it to live but we use it to bond and explore the world too.”

Friends of Tabletop: Meet Linda Nguyen of Girl Eats World


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