Portland, Oregon: Salt and Straw

photo by Jennifer

345 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97211
They have multiple locations listed on their website.

Anita and I spent almost five full days in Portland, Oregon over Fourth of July for the World Domination Summit. She had a few dessert places on her list and I had Pok Pok, which is a Thai restaurant, and food carts on my list. Treavor and Jennifer came down from Seattle for a couple of days to visit us so we had a reunion lunch after breaking a world record. We met up with Suki and her boyfriend. Anita, Treavor, Suki, and I met mostly through Youtube and blogging. Jennifer and I went to college together. Because of conflicting schedules, lunch at Pok Pok and Salt and Straw were the only times we were all together. Incidentally, this was my favorite meal and favorite day in Portland.

When we arrived at Pok Pok the wait was 45 minutes long. Fortuitously, Salt and Straw, which was on Anita’s dessert list was only a block away on the same street. We couldn’t have planned it better ourselves! We modified our game plan and had ice cream for appetizers.

The menu reminded me so much of Lick Ice Cream, my favorite ice cream parlor in Austin. Lick had Cilantro Lime; Salt and Straw had Strawberry Cilantro Cheese Cake. Lick had Goat Cheese, Honey, and Thyme; Salt and Straw had Goat Cheese with Haberno.

As to not spoil my dinner, I bought a small of the Blue Cheese and Pears and the Chocolate Blueberry Rice Crispy Treats. I was skeptical about the blue cheese in ice cream. I’ve had blue cheese as a frosting on a cupcake once while judging a cupcake competition and that was one of the few times in my life I actually spat food out. The blue cheese flavor in this ice cream though was moderate and not overpowering. It was also tempered off with the sweetness of the pears. I love chewing on the chunks of pear as I dug into this scoop.

The Blueberry Rice Crispy Treat was such an original flavor! I couldn’t dream up of this combination. Rice Crispy morsels were dusted in blueberry powder and then folded into chocolate ice cream with blueberry ribbons. You’re just going to have to book a flight to Portland to see for yourself. You’ll thank me.

Blue Cheese and Pears and Chocolate Blueberry Rice Crispy Treats, $3.75

Another thing I appreciated about Salt and Straw was their principles. Their bowls are compostable and they have compost bins. They also locally source their ingredients.

All in all, I highly recommend you check Salt and Straw out for either desserts or even appetizers!

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