Maki: How do you roll?

10515 N Mopac Expy
Austin, TX 78759

(512) 243-8298

I see Maki every time I shop in the Arbor Walk area. I’ve always kind of overlooked it because I already had my sushi spots and admittedly, a little lazy to try out casual sushi. A few foodie friends of mine told me it was worth a visit because the concept is so unique. They called it the Chipotle of sushi. You design your own sushi roll. Intrigued now, I suggested this place for date night with the boyfriend.

We ordered 4 rolls which proved to way too much. There is a lot of rice involved and I had a snack earlier. We picked 3 rolls on the menu and made our fourth roll. I think one roll per person is a satisfactory portion. Oops. Our eyes were definitely much bigger than our stomach. You can choose between a seaweed wrap or a soy wrap. We chose the traditional seaweed wrap. (Somewhat related: I can eat those seaweed papers on their own, thin, crisp, and salty.)

So yes, very much like Chipotle. You choose your wrap, your meat, your vegetable, and then your toppings. Then they stick your roll in an awesome machine where they twirl a handle and it slices your roll for you. I attached a video at the end of this entry for you to roughly see. Overall, the ingredients and fish tasted very fresh. Portions were generous and the price, super economical. I’m glad we tried out Maki. We now have a casual and deliciously fresh sushi digs close to where we live.

Maki - How do you roll?
Top roll is the unagi roll. I cannot remember for the life of me what the second one is.

Maki - How do you roll?
Shrimp Tempura Roll

Maki - How do you roll?
I think this is the roll we designed. I cannot remember what we impulsively threw in it or on it, except that one of the sauces is spicy mayo.

Maki - How do you roll?
Alan stocking up our leftovers for later.

I left my camera in the car so had to use my cellphone video recorder, making the resolution low but you’ll get the idea of Maki’s concept and see the slicing machine I mentioned.

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