Lunch in the Life: Vancouver: Finch’s Tea and Coffee House

353 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC V6B 1T3
(604) 899-4040

My very first meal in Vancouver was at Finch’s Tea and Coffee House. Alan was going to nap a couple of hours so I was left to my own devices. I browsed Yelp and found Finch’s was highly rated and just two blocks away from where we were staying. Upon arriving, my first impression consisted of two words, tiny and adorable.

The line was a few people out the door. I waited maybe about 15 minutes before reaching the sweet girl at the front. I learned inconveniently that they do not accept credit cards, only cash and Canadian debit cards. I left to hunt down an ATM and was back shortly. Ordered the Gypsy Salami for Alan and the Prosciutto sandwich for me.

The sandwiches were delightful. Simple and fresh ingredients. The lettuce had a lovely crunch to it. The bread was not doused with pesto-mayo or oil and vinegar, but just slathered enough to keep the sandwichs from being dry. The cured meats were so good I had to keep myself from picking them out and munching on them on their own. The only complaint I had has more to do with my case of TMJ than the sandwiches, but if you are riddled with a creaky jaw like I am, the bread can be a bit tough. Otherwise, for the normal folks, it’s just right. Alan declared his sandwich the best salami sandwich he’s had.

Gypsy Salami: Salami, pesto-mayo, lettuce, tomato, $7.50 CAD

Prosciutto, edam, letuce, tomato, oil and vinegar, $7.95 CAD

I think I’ll share one more write-up on Vancouver and that will conclude my series. So sad. I have to go back, one day.

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