Lunch in the Life: Bahn-Bahn

415 Jessie St
Austin, TX 78704
(832) 331-2414

I was a little hesitant trying a food trailer that sells banh mis but dubbed their trailer, “Bahn-Bahn.” My friend Nam was a skeptic as well but he went and he said it was one of the the best banh mis he’s ever had. Knowing the amount of banh mis we’ve had together, it was all the nudging I needed to try this new food trailer out.

The Vietnamese owners were goodnatured and sweet when I teased them for their spelling “banh” as “bahn.” What I’ve learned is to not judge a food trailer by its name. I want to go on record and retract my skepticism. I tried their chicken lemongrass banh mi and it was spectacular. Fragrant and flavorful lemongrass chicken with the traditional pickeled vegetables, herbs, and perfectly toasted baguettes. I’ve been missing good banh mis ever since I’ve relocated to Central Austin and I’m happy to have Bahn-Bahns closer to my neighborhood.

Would you like a free Vietnamese lesson? Ca phe sua da is Vietnamese Iced Coffee. (Chicory coffee brewed over condensed milk and poured over ice.) “Sua” is “milk” in Vietnamese and “da” means “ice.” (Don’t be too impressed, I am a bad Vietnamese girl and do not know how to read Vietnamese.)

The takeaway of this post is this: Bahn-Bahn, simple menu and really great and filling sandwiches. Go try!

P.S. Parking in this area can be challenging. Try not to be ravenous when you come here, it will make it easier to be patient while trolling for parking.

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