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2115 Holly St
Austin, TX 78702

I have a group of lady friends whom I’ve met through our passion for food and food writing and have since cultivated rich friendships with them. We try to meet every month or two.  However, the five of us have such busy lives and are at various stages of life that it means sometimes we go too long before we can find a date that works for all of us. The last time we managed to all be free at the same time was in August when we caught up over pizza.


Reservations only for parties of eight or larger


We finally got it together in 2015 and met up to try the newly opened Launderette. It was such a fantastic meal and we gossiped over a good portion of their menu. We all agreed that everything we tasted was impeccable with mild disagreements on favorites. For instance, everyone really liked the caramelized endives but I had a hard time processing it. Is it a candy? A vegetable?  I also quite enjoyed  the chicken liver pâté but the girls felt it was a tad heavy.  Michelle and I both thought the Brick Chicken was our favorites. Funny for both of us because we rarely order chicken when we’re out, but it was so moist and delectable, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Not pictured but also devoured were excellent fries, an apple pie, and the famous ice cream sandwiches. Everyone loved the ice cream sandwiches and they were popular in my instagram newsfeed, but I much preferred the apple pie and I don’t even like apple pies!

Overall, we agreed that it was superb dining experience. From the ambiance, the service, the fashionable people watching, and the price. We ate like royalty and expected to break the bank but were quite relieved when we got the bill!

My take on must orders: Brick Chicken, Charred Octopus, Soft Egg Toast, Chicken Liver Pâté


Potato Chips and pimento cheese, $6


Fried oysters, jalapeno, lemon, coriander dressing; $8


Chicken liver pâté, huckleberry preserves, mini brioche; $8


Brick Chicken, sauce aligot, braised Swiss chard; $18


Red Snapper crudo, dashi, lemon, oregano; $14


Crab toast, fennel aioli, avocado, radish top-mint vinaigrette, semolina bread; $9


Caramelized endive, bleu cheese, thyme; $9


Grilled broccolini, romesco, fresno, almonds; $9


Charred octopus, upland cress, garlic aioli, beluga lentils, avocado; $18


Soft egg toast, asparagus, taleggio, truffle vinaigrette, bottarga, focaccia; $9


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  • FoodieIsTheNewForty

    Oh my, you’ve made all that deliciousness look so beautiful! (Just like you. ;)) We must go back again soon.

    • You are good for the soul and I love eating with you. Can’t wait til next time. Next week for our blogging date!

  • Look who’s becoming quite the photographer! Great photos from a great lady!

    • Thank you sweet friend!

  • Besides the amazing company you shared -I’m super excited to go check this place out. I thought it would be another over priced underwhelmed newbie, but from the looks of your (really good) pics it’s neither. Thanks for the great write up.