Neighborhood: Downtown
310 Colorado St
Austin, TX 78701

(512) 472-6770

Last weekend we honored Sae’s graduation at Imperia, a trendy sushi restaurant in Austin. So it was extremely experimental which I usually appreciate. They had a whole menu of infused sake, sake infused with various flavors. We ordered the lemongrass and basil infused sake and the honey sake. Everyone who had a shot of the lemongrass and basil infused sake had a gagging reaction, so I skipped out on the lemongrass. However, the honey infused sake was pretty good. Honey with warm sake sounds good. Alan and I ordered the spicy tuna roll, our usual assortment of nigeri and we branched out with Imperia’s Zebra roll, a hamachi roll with a white chocolate pepper sauce. White chocolate pepper sauce! Intrigued, we went with it.

Imperia Sushi
Zebra roll on top.

YUCK! We had a piece and it tasted like orange chocolate with a white chocolate aftertaste. It passed it along the table and it was like a replay of the lemongrass infused sake. Only one guy liked it, however he likened it to ice cream. So there you have it. If you want sushi that taste like ice cream, order the Zebra from Imperia.

My final impression of Imperia is that may be a little too experimental, which usually isn’t a bad thing for me since I have a pretty adventurous appetite. With such a consistent streak of bad reactions from our big party, I wonder if they test out their concoctions?