Honey Art Cafe

Honey Art Cafe Inspires Houston With Colors And Art

Honey Art Cafe

Honey Art Cafe

3516 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098

I was scrolling through instagram and a friend in Houston posted a beautiful photo of the newly opened Honey Art Cafe. It was so pretty I made it my first priority when I came into Houston last weekend. I tried to beat the sunset as taking photos at night is so challenging with my camera. The torrential downpour Houston had a few days ago and the rush hour traffic made it impossible to get there before sun down. Luckily for me the lighting at Honey Art Cafe is beautiful and amazing! The sunny and bright interior was a pleasant and stark contrast to the storm happening just outside their doors.

They have a room in the back as well with another pretty mural. They sometimes use the back room for art classes and it’s available to rent! It seats about 18 people.

Honey Art Cafe

Honey Art Cafe

I bought my first egg waffle ice cream at Honey Art Cafe and am smitten. Of course, I paid an extra $1.50 to add a matcha latte macaron because matcha.

I know it’s only been one date, but I’m going to call it. Honey Art Cafe is my new favorite friend-date spot in Houston!

Question: What’s your favorite spot to meet friends?

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  • cool! next time i visit houston i hope to check this cafe out.