Happy FRYday

Hope everyone had a great Friday. I started the day off with an appointment at 11:30 and then off to lunch to celebrate FRYday with Dave. We had lunch at Flip Happy Crepes. He’s never been. I first discovered it in April of 2007. If you click on the link, you’ll see it only had 2 umbrellaed areas and now there’s PLENTY of seating. Bobby Flay did a throwdown with them last year and ever since, their business has exploded. Sadly, this means that they no longer time their sweet crepes to give you a chance to finish your savory crepes. Now they get both at the same time. Also, now there’s a dude with a mic yelling out your name. It used to be a cute girl sweetly calling out your name from the window. That said, I hardly go out there on the weekends anymore because the crowd is crazy! Weekday lunchtimes seems to be the way to go.

I had the Cuban (not my usual pork, Gruyere and caramelized onions). Dave had the Tarragon Mushroom (DIVINE. I’m going to order this next time). You know, Flip Happy is the only crepery I’ve had in Austin but I did notice a late night cart in the Warehouse District the last time we went out that I’m curious about. I think it’s called Crazy Crepes. San Francisco has kind of spoiled me for Flip Happy. I’m really sad to admit that because I was so enamored with Flip Happy before our San Fran trip.

We make do with what we have. I’m happy to come back and order my own Tarragon Mushroom crepe from Flip. The photos are as appetizing as they look.

He looks angry don’t he?

We anxiously stared at that window.

Doesn’t that look divine? Dave makes vegetarianism look tasty.

Then later I had dinner with Si Nae. We had Madam Mams. You know, it’s been about eight years since I’ve found Madam Mams. Things aren’t the same since we broke up. We got back together but the addiction is gone. It’s still very very very tasty to me. Perhaps my dependence on it will grow soon as they’re building a third Madam Mam’s up north!

Surprisingly, this only my second photo of Mams. Here’s my first.

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