Gypsy Picnic

I just came back from Austin’s first Gypsy Picnic, a Trailer Food Festival. The concept of a trailer food festival is fantastic but it was crazy crowded with lines averaging 45 minutes long (and these were the short lines we cherry picked!) and vendors running out of food. I ended up discouraging some friends who hadn’t left their places yet into coming. Hopefully, next year it’ll be a bit more fine tuned? I’m doing National Blog Posting Month at my personal blog and couldn’t post these pictures there without dropping in on my food blog!

Confession: I haven’t been food blogging because the restaurant reviews keep piling up. I may have bitten off more than I can chew but I do have drafts and notes and pictures and I love this blog way too much to let it fall to the wayside. Expect more from me on the regular soon!

Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend so far!

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  • mef

    Heh. It looks like it was beautiful day too. Did you hit any new to you trailers or mostly places you’ve been before?

    • Linda

      The day was beautiful! A lot of us were overdressed, thinking it would be super cold like the previous day.
      I had a sub place called short bus (it was okay), had Mmmpanada’s pumpkin empanada which tasted like Thanksgiving, and Izzo’s pork tacos which were good. :) Meh. I was a little underwhelmed with the whole thing. I steered clear from the trailers I already haunt. Wasn’t worth the lines.
      – Linda