Guest Post: The Most Interesting Foods I’ve Ever Eaten

My dear friend and eating buddy, Thomas Chen, who is the photographer of many of my posts where I feature Houston eateries, is guest posting today for Wordless Wednesday! He has traveled around the world and consequently eaten many interesting foods, some of which you can’t even find in the states. Thank you, Thomas for helping us live vicariously through your beautiful photographs!

* * *

This is a collection of the most interesting things I’ve eaten on my travels. All of these are native to Asia, mainly China. Let’s face it, they eat stuff that most people in the US wouldn’t.

Agar Jelly in China

Chicken Sashimi in Tokyo

Donkey Burrito in China

Duck Head in China

Horse Sashimi in Tokyo

Live Octopus bits in Seoul

Mantis Shrimp in China

Roasted Rabbit in China

Sea Snails in China

Starfish in China

Starfish in China

Stingray in China

Question: What is the most interesting foods you’ve eaten?

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  • from maggie’s farm

    And to think everyone complains about squirrel, here.  Girl, you have me beaten hands-down.  I guess turtle, rattlesnake, or alligator would be the most unusual foods I’ve had.  Great photos, Thomas!

    • MAGGIE! Are you telling me you have the squirrel hook up? :)
      I would like to try turtle and rattlesnake. The most unusual for me would be pig’s blood and duck fetus/balut.

  • Kim

    1. “donkey burrito” sounds like a gross sex thing.
    2. everytime i read about live octopus, i think about that lady whose mouth got pregnant from eating live squid

    • re:1. “burrito” literally means “little donkey”
      re:2. i was really impressed that the chopped up live bits are, well, ALIVE 0.0

      • re 1. NEAT!
        2. Thomas, does it wiggle in your mouth?

        • Yeah it does wiggle in your mouth and it sticks to your tongue and your cheeks

    • Thank you. I have a new crazy fear to add to my list!

  • adelnye

    I find grilled stingray to be better!

  • Chicken sashimi; is that real?! A love sashimi usually, but why would you eat raw chicken?!

    • It’s a thing in Japan! Acceptable and delicious apparently.

      • Yeah I looked it up after leaving that comment. Sounds relatively safe because they’re so careful. Not sure how I’d feel about eating raw chicken though even if I knew it was safe. I guess I would try it. I’m up for trying most things. Except Casu marzu.