Vancouver, Canada: Goldies Pizza & Beer Lounge

605 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC V6B 1W7
(604) 681-0650

One late night in Vancouver, Alan and I had a hankering for late night pizza, a la Homeslice in Austin. We googled around and found a popular pizza joint just around the corner from our hotel. I wasn’t very hungry and when Alan ordered three pizzas, I warned him that I could only eat half a slice so he’d be on his own for two and a half of those.


You can eat in or order at their stand. Reminds me of Homeslice! Slices are priced 3 dollars a piece. Don’t you love that they call soda, “pop?” Here in Texas, all sodas are called “coke.”

Roasted Chicken Pizza

We ordered a slice of the Roasted Chicken pizza. I took a nibble. Very good but the chicken tasted too healthy for the likes of me. I like my pizza with fatty meats.

Spinach and South of the Border

We also ordered Spinach and South of the Border. Holy Crap! I ate half of one and the half of other and only stopped because Alan started whimpering. Flavors were so good, thin crust was perfect, I did not want to stop.

I skipped breakfast this morning and could go for 1 full slice of both of those pizzas right now.

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  • mef

    Oh. Those look sooooo good. The South of the Border sounds fantastic except for the black beans. Did you taste black beans?

    • Didn’t taste he black beans! Didn’t see or taste. So so good. I want one right now. :(

  • I could eat that everyday for a long time. Longer than you’d like to know.

    • Fortunately and unfortunately, you now live somewhere where you can!

      —– Reply message —–

  • Anonymous

    We call soda “pop” here as well.  I didn’t realize they called it that in Vancouver too.  I’ve lived all over and got used to calling it soda like the majority of the US. I find I say soda but write pop.  Weird. So now working as a waitress whenever I say soda sometimes people get confused and think I’m bring them a glass of soda water.  Who drinks soda water?  I lived in TX for a short while and never got used to the coke thing.

    • Hehehe. It does kind have lead to funny conversations:

      Texan: “Want a coke?”
      Texan 2: “Yeah.”
      Texan: “What kind?”
      Texan 2: “Coke, please.”

      Pop makes me think of old school diners and poodle skirts. :)