Giveaway: Mug Cakes

I received a review copy of Mug Cakes by Leslie Bilderback from St. Martin’s Press and I was so excited to try out a recipe. This book reached my doorsteps and less than twenty four hours later, I bought Nutella, baking powder, and an adorable mug (not pictured because what I did to it wasn’t very photogenic). I’m not a baker. What I love about cooking verse baking is that I can edit as I go to minimize errors. When you bake, there really isn’t much room to correct for errors after you stick your dessert in the oven. I think microwaving your cakes in single serving mugs is a great way to make cakes for the baking impaired!

I am sad to report my microwaving skills aren’t that great either. Last night I tried the nutella mug cake and I must have microwaved it too long because it came out dry. I haven’t given up on mug cakes just yet though! Just flipping through the book inspires you to create mug cakes. They’re perfect for dessert for one and perfect for hosting dinner parties. There are 100 recipes in here which means there’s something for everyone! Traditional cakes, chocolate cakes, fruity cakes,and even alcoholic cakes for the adults. I didn’t want to wait to master a recipe before telling you about this book and also host a giveaway! St. Martin Press is letting me give away two copies of this gorgeous cookbook.

To put your name in the hat, simply leave a comment. Giveaway ends on Sunday at midnight. I’ll draw two winners on Monday. Please use a valid contact so I can email you or tweet you if you’re a lucky winner!

Full Disclosure: I was provided the review copy and was not monetarily compensated. As always, all thoughts on this blog are my own unless otherwise stated.

Update: Winners are Wendy and South Austin Foodie! I’ll be emailing you for your mailing address shortly. Thank you all for participating!

  • Selina

    Cake at any time I want? Yes please!! twitter handle: crownprincesa

  • Dutchface

    The thing I find with mug recipes is there seems to be a endless amount you can do it one. Plus 50% its something chocolate and who doesn’t like that :p

  • I have a mug that’s missing cake.

  • Marisol Garcia Samaro

    How awesome is that?! Individual lovely mug cakes for whenever you just need a little something sweet and don’t want to eat an entire cake! I’m in!!!

  • South Austin Foodie

    You have a thing for nutella, don’t you? ;) They look cute!! @saustinfoodie

  • I would LOVE to win a copy!!

    Twitter: @yesthatgirl

  • Me me me! You know where to find me – next to the microwave with an empty mug. Where’s my cake? :P

  • Wendy

    That cookbook looks like it would be fun!

  • Geeky Hooker

    Hiiiii!! I’d love to get a copy. And it’ll give me an excuse to buy more purty mugs. Even though I’ve already got a mug surplus at home. :)

  • Adelnye

    Ooohhh…. can I be in the draw too?

  • Priscilla

    Looks like a fun book!

  • Varun

    Me me me.

  • Kristina

    Oh I love Mug baking-It’s perfect when you don’t want to eat the “whole” cake. Just sayin!

  • Lynn

    linda, that’s very cool! didn’t realize you were a food blogger too. i’ll have to get suggestions from you if we visit austin again. if you go to san diego, there’s tons of places to try here too!

  • Jigz

    Linda, this is a nice surprise! Didn’t know you were a food blogger. The book looks interesting…although I am baking impaired.

    • Jigz

      it’s Jijy btw :)

    • as am i! :)

  • Microwaves and ovens are tricky. Even if you bake or nuke food at the suggested time, it doesn’t work out right, which I hate! Why can’t they all be the same. Baw!