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May 22, 2010 1

Girl Links World (vol 1)

By in Girl Links World

Thought I’d start off my first Roundup post with links from some of my blogging buddies. Enjoy!

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Fun & Easy Recipes

Interestingly, these websites are not exclusively food oriented.

Food Porn

  • Would you eat Cock? – No? How about chicken testicles? MKL could easily start a bizarre foods blog.
  • Thomas’s food porn flickr – I’ve used some of Thomas’s shots before. If you ever want him to shoot anything (weddings/events/headshots) around the Los Angeles/Orange County area, let me know!
  • Photo Shoot: Salmon Sandwich: Jaden walks us through some food styling.
  • Brain Cupcakes : Von of Vappy’s Bakeshop made brain cupcakes for her classmates. Check them out! They give me an uneasy feeling.. soo… brainy.


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  • Lol. The crazy things I tried are usually shocking only for Westerners, my Asian followers are not really shaken by that, haha. They usually come up with crazier stuff :P

    Thanks for featuring me here. I feel honored, Linda :)