Friday Food Definition: Vichyssoise


I was hovering around the food table at TECHmunch (a food blogger’s workshop that occured last week in conjunction of SXSW) a long with all the other foodies. The food was provided by Parkside, which incidentally was originally supposed to be the venue for my 25th birthday dinner. I guess trying out Parkside slipped through the cracks after the dinner was moved somewhere else. I got a delightful sampling of their food at this workshop and Parkside has moved further up my always growing “to eat” list.

One of the delectable samplings was this curious looking soupy thing served in what looked like chubby shot glasses, labeled “vichyssoise.” Food bloggers around me were puzzled; what is vichyssoise? One enlightened blogger informed us it was “French cold potato soup.” Intriguing! My experience with cold soups thus far was limited to a strawberry soup I’ve made once and another strawberry peach soup I had at East Side Cafe. These fruit soups are lighter and summery so it being cold isn’t as adventurous to me as the idea of a cold POTATO soup.

I drank the soup and had to pause to collect my thoughts. I like it and that it’s weird! I probably have to try again. It tasted just like I imagined cold potato soup would taste like but what surprises me is that I liked it!

So here’s a more formal definition of vichyssoise as quoted from Food Lover’s Companion.


A rich, creamy, potato-and-leek soup that’s served cold, garnished with chopped chives. In this country it’s often mispronounced “vinsch-ee-SWAH”

Tell me, What is your experience with cold soups?

A couple of TECHmunch links:
– Stetted has a wonderful TECHmunch summary series that she started here.
– Steamy Kitchen’s blog post on TECHmunch can be found here. She was one of the hosts! I’m excited to try her cook book out this weekend.

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  • Cold soup kind of freaks me out. But I would be willing to try it.

    • linda

      i like an open mind, martin :)

      the fruit cold soups aren’t as odd ot me as a potato creamy cold soup. it just felt… odd. but was good.

      social conditioning is fun to challenge!

  • You should have been standing next to me! :) I could have told you what it is…although I admit it was the first time I tried it. I’m in love with. As soon as I got home I found a recipe for it in my Julia Child cookbook. I’ll let you know if it’s similar to this recipe.

    • Linda

      Ah Meagan, I wish I was standing next to you if only to finally meet you!

      Will be staying tuned with your blog to see updates on the vichyssoise.

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