Frank in Austin, TX

407 Colorado St
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 494-6916

Frank’s been on my “to eat at immediately” list for weeks now but my plans kept falling through. Sarah told me they have a deep fried hot dog wrapped in bacon and it’s been calling my name since. Cindy and her man were visiting from Houston and on their last day they were seeking ideas for lunch. I cashed in on the opportunity and suggested Frank, a new place for all of us. Now that Man Bites Dog has wet my appetite for gourmet hot dogs, I’m ready to embark further!

Dogs at Frank range from 3 dollars (plain old dog) to 9.50 (Duck Dodgers). You can explore their menu on their website (linked above) but also they have a menu insert which we ordered mostly from that is not on their website. I took a picture for you! Click to enlarge.

Frank's menu

Frank in Austin, TX

We were waiting for the other half of our party so we bought time by ordering one of their many waffle fries. We chose the green chile waffle fries ($6) which is drowned in cheddar cheese and served with roasted green chilies and homemade chorizo. It soothed our appetite as we waiting for our party. Waffle fries, with chorizo, some light spice, smothered in cheddar is a safe and winning concoction. Can’t go wrong there, and they didn’t. Looks sinful doesn’t it? It’s the cheddar.

Between, Cindy, Jason, and myself we sampled three dogs. I have to say the portions are not gluttonous and though gluttony is my signature sin, I think this is perfect. The problem with huge portions for the gluttonous types is that we leave completely stuffed and with an aftermath of abdominal pain. The pain can easily overshadow whatever joy our taste buds just experienced. At Frank’s you can split a waffle fries order amongst four with left overs, enjoy one dog, and be left satisfied. You are not left either wanting or in pain. Your stomach will not curse your eyes for being bigger. It is a good thing, folks!

As for pricing, some word is circulating about price to portion ratio being a little steep, but I’m going to disagree. The taste and quality of these dogs justify the price tag. You can get double the meat at Man Bites Dog, but I’m afraid to say Frank’s creative dog creations wins. Just read the menu descriptions. Not only is it creative, but the combinations of textures, ingredients, and meat complement smoothly. Symphony of flavors. Serious.

Food porn time.

Frank in Austin, TX
Chicken Buffalo: Spicy chicken and pork sausage, shredded lettuce, crumbled gorgonzola, buffalo spiced celery and carrot salad ($8.50)

This was Jason’s pick. The carrots make it look a little like a banh mi. I could pull out four flavors instantly as I bit into it, the carrots, the Gorgonzola, the sausage, and spice. Veggies were crisps, the sausage, succulent, and the spice gave it a little tangy kick. Frankly (hee), it was good but it was my least favorite of the three.

Frank in Austin, TX
Duck Dodgers: Duck and pork sausage stuffed with gruyere cheese on a bun with habanero-mango aioli fried shallots and cotija cheese ($9.50)

Holy hot dog, this was Cindy’s pick and it was excellent! The habanero in the aioli flirted and toyed with my weakspot for capsaicin and pain. It didn’t make my scalp sweat but I have higher tolerance for heat than most. This may be my first experience with cotija cheese, but it was very nice to make its acquiantice. My favorite of the three is neck and neck between the Duck Dogers and the next hot dog, Boudin Blanc.

Frank in Austin, TX
Boudin Blanc: Pork sausage slow roasted in milk on a bun with a red pepper ranch , topped with fried onion rings and a black pepper goat cheese ($8.25)

I instantly knew this dog was going to be my pick. I love boudin and fricking, it’s slow roasted in milk? Whaa? Slow roasted in MILK? I’m a curious girl and had to order. I must say, I don’t know what roasting sausage in milk does to the flavor… I was half expecting my dog to ooze out milk. Totally not the case. Maybe I’m a slow roasting in milk neophyte, but as far as my unseasoned taste buds could tell, I couldn’t tell that it was previously swimming in milk at all! A little anticlimactic, but that aside, this was fantastic!! The red pepper ranch again gave me a little bit of flirty capsaicin tease, and onion rings are always a decadent fixing for sandwiches. I couldn’t tell you which one I like the most, the Boudin Blanc or the Duck Dodgers.

Ah. My experience at Frank was awesome. The ambiance is relaxed, the service is patient, kind, and attentive. The dogs were works of art. The pricing reasonable. Overall, a grade A establishment. I’m most definitely coming back to eat more dogs.

Frank in Austin, TX
Happy Campers

Bonus Food Porn:

Frank in Austin, TX
German Currywurst: Hudson’s sliced brat, curry bbq sauce, curry powder ($4.50)

Cindy’s friend, Frank, ordered the Germany Currywurst pictured above. I couldn’t tell you what it tasted like.. but he says it was good :)

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