Food Related Resolutions

I recently finalized my 2013 resolutions on my personal blog and thought I’d share my food related resolutions here.

2013 Food Related Resolutions

  • Try 10 more Vietnamese recipes. This is the third year for this goal. Hopefully by the end of 2013, I’d know how to make in total 30 recipes!
  • Write 104 blog posts for my food blog. That’s averaging 2 a week. In 2012 I posted 34 blog posts. In 2011, I posted 65 blog posts.
  • Cook 24 vegetarian dinners. This is averaging 2 times a month. My motivation to dramatically decrease the amount of meat I eat is for both health and environmental reasons.
  • Visit Paris. It is my endeavor to eat as much of the world as I possibly can. Paris is the big goal of 2013!

Question: Do you have any food related resolutions?

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  • eat, drink, and be merry. that’s my goal. ;-)

    • and something you live by already!

  • I do, actually! Since I work nights, I don’t have a ton of opportunities to cook dinners, but I told myself that when I do have a night off from work, I need to take that opportunity to work on my cooking skills! I typically have 2-3 nights off a week, so I need to cook at least one night a week. I want to practice the recipes I already know to make them better and learn new recipes, too. I also want to focus on learning new Mexican and Chinese recipes since those are my ethnic backgrounds! I feel like I’ve improved on my cooking a lot since I’ve been home from Korea, so I’m hoping to get even better this year. :)

    • Gurl. I just saw your chicken enchiladas spread on Instagram. Way to be on top of these goals!