First Austin Restaurant Throwdown

Last weekend I went to the first Austin Restaurant Throwdown, hosted by Manny’s Uptown Kitchen with Pink Sun Drops. The first challenge was Reuben sandwiches. The contestants were Austin’s Fricano’s Deli, Garden Spot Cafe, Manny’s Uptown Kitchen and NeWorlDeli. I haven’t eaten at any of these restaurants except I tried a few sandwiches at NeWorlDeli years ago. (If memory serves me correctly, and it often does when it comes to food, it was fabulous.) They had a sizable turn out of around 250 people. It was Pink Sun Drops and my first date, and what a way to meet! Chowing down on Reuben sandwiches during a local event benefiting charities.

I was pretty impressed by all the Reuben sandwiches. Maybe I was feeling a bit overstimulated because I couldn’t quite rank my experiences. I had a favorable reaction to each sandwich. In the next week or so, PSD and I plan on going to lunch at all the delis, starting with Fricano’s (the winner of the challenge). You know, to have more personal encounters.

As bloggers, we failed. We ate standing up so I did not take any photos. Try juggling your jacket, 4 mini sandwiches, a drink, and eating! Yesterday I received an email from the event’s PR sharing the link to the official photos on Flickr. With permission, I’ll share with you a few pictures.

Photo Credit

PSD and I also had way too much fun gossiping, we failed again as bloggers and forgot to document our first meeting with a photo. Fortunately, there’s a picture of the back of my head I’m the girl in the black leather jacket and bright green purse, and lovely side photo of PSD.

Photo Credit
And another photo here of my bright green purse. Ha :) Further proof I was there!?

I also snagged this photo of a plate of all all the sandwiches. A blind tasting for the official judges.

Photo Credit

I walked into this event not knowing what it was about. Just got a fun email invite from the PR team. I also took a chance and invited a blogger I’ve been meaning to meet for over a year now and I am ecstatic. I had a wonderful time mingling with locals, eating great food, and bonding with a wonderfully sweet girl. I can’t wait to see what the next Throwdown challenge will be. I promise to be better about taking pictures next time!

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