Feast at Feast

While visiting Houston last weekend, Kim and I had the pleasure of trying out Feast. We were on our way to have our first experience of real grasshoppers at Hugo’s but unfortunately, it was around 7:30 and the next available reservation was 8:45. So we called Willis since he seems to know Houston pretty well. He recommended us a slew of recommendations but finally it was between Fabio’s and Feast. Both on Westheimer and directly across the street from each other. We checked out Fabio’s but it looked like it would have been a wait so we walked across the street to a CUTE restaurant that is Feast. I am a big fan of restaurants that are houses. (East Side Cafe, Kerbey….). We didn’t know anything about this restaurant, didn’t read up, didn’t really hear much from Willis other than he hears “nothing but good things” about Feast and also they do speciality meats.

Our host was also our server. Red headed bloke from England. We are taken by him immediately when he lets us in without reservations. He hands us a menu and we are tickled that they make up a new menu everyday!

The menu for the June 13th. Click for a bigger picture.

If you click, you’ll see that day they had everything from rabbit to calf’s liver to beef tongue (not on the menu but being served that day). I did some further research when I got home and apparently food critics have been raving. The menu is always changing! I really like that. Here’s a food review about Feast from the NY Times.

English bloke explains the menu to us and as he’s explaining, it dawns on us that this is an English restaurant! The pig motto, Old English font, the menu, and the decor finally makes sense to us. Funny because after he left, we worried for a brief moment that since it is an English restaurant it wouldn’t be good. (I’ve been to England and the cuisine is bland!) We quickly dismissed that notion when we remembered Willis stressing to us that he’s heard “NOTHING but GOOD things.” Remember, we haven’t heard about this place quite yet.

Here’s the decor:

Kim ordered the pork belly.

I loved her order so much better than mine. Reminds me of Asian pork belly! It was delicious.

I ordered the lamb, duck, and pork pie. I was expecting something like shepherd’s pie or something flattened like Asian pies. It ended up being a soupy pot pie.

I didn’t really like it much. I’m pretty certain it’s just because of my personal palate. Not my taste.

For dessert, we had our second molten cake (first one was the day before) of the weekend. I loved it. It was served on top of either plain milk or cream. It really didn’t add to the taste but I like the swirl effect it gave the liquid chocolate. The photos below were taken in very sub par lighting and I don’t like using flash when others are dining.

My dinner buddy and me. Chilling at Willis’s before leaving for dinner.

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