Dog Almighty

3005 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 912-1105

A few weeks ago I treated my little from Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America to a hot dog dinner. I picked a place neither of us have tried, called Dog Almighty. I read the menu before going so I knew it was kid friendly and budget friendly. Moreover, they have an impressive list of accolades. Now their hot dogs are not as elaborate and creative as the dogs at Frank but it looks like the place to go to when you just want a cheap, old-fashioned hot dog. Making available their entire menu to vegetarians, Dog Almighty is also very vegetarian friendly,

Classic: Home-made chili, grated cheddar cheese, mustard & onion $2.99

My little and I split two dogs, each choosing one. She chose the aptly named, Classic. It was pretty good. My little loved it. I thought it was a solid good dog. I’m personally not a big fan of raw onions (traumatizing childhood story that I may share in the future), but taking into account my personal bias, it was a good and decent hot dog.

My little polishing off her Classic.

The Reuben, $3.50

My pick was the day’s special, the Reuben. A big fan of Reubens in general, this dog satisfied my love for sauerkraut and I’d totally order this again.

Tater Tots $1.89 for side, $3.69 for basket

I have to warn you against the tater tots. They’re just typical bagged frozen tater tots, but even bagged tater tots can be tasty in moderation. These were over-fried and tasted how I imagine cardboard would taste like. Instead of getting a side of tater tots, maybe get a side of another hot dog? Or try your luck with the french fries.

I must say Dog Almighty is not only wallet and kid friendly, but also taste-bud friendly. A Taste-buddy? No? Fine. My little cannot wait to go back. I promised her I’ll take her back soon and I’m happy to do it.

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